The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Creative and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

The Ultimate Guide to Gift Giving: Creative and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

No matter if they sit at a desk next to you or you see them every day on a screen, your coworkers are the people you spend the most of your day with. A large portion of your life consists of these individuals who help you get through the day at work. If you've been at a job for a while, they have probably seen you at your best and worst. As such, it is only fair to shower them with presents. Gifts are a tangible way to express your thanks and appreciation for the support and friendship you receive from your coworkers. 

However, it's not always easy to think of a present to give to coworkers. Nonetheless, the same rules apply when choosing any present: try to get them something they'll actually use and like. The good news is that we're here to assist you in conceptualizing the perfect gift you could give to your coworkers.

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Gift Ideas for Different Personalities

The workplace is full of individuals with a wide range of traits and characteristics. This makes it hard to determine which present would be most appreciated by a coworker. The good news is that the samples below can serve as a guide when picking out an ideal gift.

The Creative Coworker

Watercolor Paint Set

Give this to a coworker who enjoys the arts, and you will see their creative juices flow. They may now use their downtime to paint, relieving stress and anxiety. Furthermore, they can use the finished painting to spruce up their desk space.

Art Supplies Gift Box

Providing your coworkers with the art supplies they need is a surefire approach to get their creative juices flowing. Give your colleagues a gift box filled with creative supplies, including a notebook, pencils, markers, and paints. Stickers, chalk, and polymer clay starter kits are also welcome additions. You may also include jewelry-making kits in the package if you know they adore wearing accessories.

The Foodie Coworker

Comfort Food Gift Basket

We all know how stressful work can be. And as their friend and coworker, you may help them relax with a gift basket of their favorite treats. But before you hand over your present to a coworker, make sure you know them well enough to know what they would enjoy. For instance, if you know they have a sweet tooth, you may put chocolates in the gift basket for them. You may also include their preferred juice in a variety of flavors. 

Recipe Subscription

Choosing the perfect cookbook for your gourmet coworker might be challenging because they likely already have many favorites. Because of this, a membership in a culinary magazine would make an ideal gift to help them prepare dishes they haven't tried before. Subscriptions like this one offer access to thousands of recipes, all of which are accompanied by step-by-step videos.

The Tech-Savvy Coworker

Portable Charger

For your always-on-the-go tech-savvy colleagues, nothing is more frustrating than a dead outlet. Even more so if they're working away from the office. That's why a power bank would be the perfect present for them. This enables them to maintain constant communication with the rest of the team and to go on with their tasks regardless of their physical location.


Some people in your office prefer to have music playing while they get work done. Playing music at a very loud volume in the workplace, however, may be quite distracting and annoying to the other workers. If your coworker enjoys music, headphones are a great present. They can use this to get away from distracting office sounds like typing keyboards or co-workers chatting.

Remote employees would also benefit from using headphones. Choose one that has a noise canceling function, as this can assist them to hear more clearly during a video conference.

The Fitness Enthusiast

Fitness Tracker Watch

Coworkers who are keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle would highly appreciate a device that records their sleep patterns, steps taken, and other physical activities. They may also use the watch to plan out their exercise routine and track their progress.

Your colleagues will appreciate the added functionality of certain fitness tracker watches, which allows them to monitor their heart rate and blood pressure besides their calorie expenditure and stress levels, which may come in handy both on and off the job. 

Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Staying hydrated is crucial during physical activity. This is because fluid loss via perspiration needs replenishment. For this reason, a vacuum-insulated tumbler is a fantastic present for the hardworking colleague who enjoys staying hydrated while working out. They can use this tumbler to preserve the temperature of their drink.

If your coworker likes cold drinks, for example, they can just fill their tumbler with ice water or their chosen beverage before getting to work. And this tumbler will surely keep their drink at their desired temperature throughout their day.

Gift Ideas for the Office

When thinking about a present for your coworkers, office supplies are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Here is a list to help you choose:

Practical office supplies

Desktop Organizer

If you have a coworker who is always moving papers about or adjusting their desk lamp to get it exactly perfect, they will surely appreciate this affordable gift. With this, they can maintain their workstations neat and organized while quickly accessing all of their belongings. Additionally, it can keep the clutter at bay, which may help them concentrate without interruption. This then allows them to perform at a higher level of efficiency.


It's easy to let other responsibilities slip your mind while you're swamped with work. Therefore, it's thoughtful to provide your coworkers with a planner to help them keep track of dates and appointments. This can also aid in their organization, allowing them to more effectively balance their professional and personal lives.

Additionally, notebook planners are typically inexpensive and include attractive designs. Your coworkers will probably have fun scribbling on these.

Fun office decorations

Have you had enough with the same old boring office supplies? Give these fun office decorations to your coworkers:

Portrait Painting

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Putting up pictures of loved ones might be a great way to add some color to your cubicle. Thus, a portrait of the recipient's family might make a thoughtful gift for a coworker. In Memorialize Art, you may personalize a painting any way you'd want it, whether it is in charcoal, watercolor, or digital format.

Framed Quotes

Add some humor to your office by hanging up some inspirational or humorous quotations. You may also use the catchphrase that everyone in the office loves to quote. When they see what you gave them, the mood in the workplace will undoubtedly improve.

Gift Ideas for Different Occasions


Gift Cards

It's quite reasonable to be hectic during the holiday season. When time is short and you still want to show appreciation to your coworkers, a gift card is a great option. You can save yourself the trouble of scouring the mall for a suitable present since they'll be able to pick out anything they want from that one shop. Also, this ensures that they'll get a gift they'll like.

Scented Candle

This Christmas season is a great time to take it easy and relax. Give your colleagues a scented candle and put them in a beautiful gift box as a reminder to rest and unwind this holiday season. Giving them this will provide them with a feeling of serenity and tranquility.


Birthday comes only once a year. Here is your chance to show your coworker how much they mean to you. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite gift ideas for the celebrants:

Chamberlain Coffee

It's likely that at least a few of your employees rely on morning coffee to keep them alert and productive until the end of the day. Give them a taste of this Chamberlain coffee together with an artsy coffee cup gift.

Succulent Plant

You can't go wrong with giving plants as a present to a coworker if you know they have a green thumb. However, it will be quite challenging to properly care for a whole plant in an office setting. Since the average office environment is so hectic, it's best to choose low-maintenance plants like succulents.

Get Your Coworkers a Remarkable and Meaningful Present

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Sending a small token to show your coworkers how much you value them is a great method to boost morale. Therefore, you should make an effort to come up with a present that is unique and special. Your search for the ideal personalized and heartfelt present ends with us at Memorialize Art. Watercolor memorial portraits, charcoal memorial portraits, and even wedding vows memorial portraits are just a few examples of the many options we provide.