6 Appropriate Gift Ideas for a Grieving Friend

6 Appropriate Gift Ideas for a Grieving Friend

Losing someone is one of the most difficult experiences that a person could go through. It's never easy for the bereaved, and watching a friend go through this grieving process is also painful. While grieving makes people feel isolated, they don't have to go through this alone. This is why letting the bereaved know someone's there for them is essential.

If you have a grieving friend, it's important to show your support and let them know they have someone to lean on. However, finding the right thing to say or do can be tricky. If you're unsure what to do, here are six appropriate gift ideas for a grieving friend.

How Do People Help Others Who Are Dealing With Grief?

When your friend is grieving, the best thing you can do is be there for them. Offer support, listen to them, and let them know you are there. You don't even need to say anything special - just being there already means a lot.

Besides your presence, you can also let them know that you care and have their back by doing things for them or sending them a heartwarming gift. These thoughtful acts help them understand that someone is looking out for them during this tough time. 

What Are the Reasons Why People Should Respect Those in Grief?

Remember that everyone grieves differently. Some people want to talk about their loss constantly, while others may want to avoid talking about it altogether. It's vital to respect the way your friend wants to mourn and don't push them to speed up their healing process. 

Grief is already something that's extremely difficult to go through. Respecting how your friend processes grief prevents you from adding unnecessary weight to their shoulders. 

A List of the Best Gift Ideas to Friends in Grief

Sympathy Notes Jar

A heartwarming gift you can consider is giving a jar filled with sympathy notes. You can write different hand-written messages or your favorite quotes that you think can comfort your friend and fill a decorated jar with these notes. Then, your friend can read through these sympathy messages daily or whenever they want to feel a sense of comfort or support from others. 

Grief Book

If your friend is someone who loves or finds solace in reading, you can look for some books on grief. You can pick numerous kinds, from a book written by an expert on grief to help them process their emotions or a more poetic style where the pages are filled with memorial quotes. 

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Sympathy Gift Basket

You can also show your friend that you're thinking about them by sending them a gift basket. This meaningful gift can contain items like gourmet snacks or self-care products that you think your friend would appreciate the most. 

Homemade Food

Similarly, if you want to give your friend the gift of food but would instead stick to one or a few dishes instead of giving them snacks, you can whip up something in your own kitchen. Your friend in mourning might find it very challenging to cook something for themself, so giving some homemade comfort food is a great idea. 

Comfort Blanket

Another comforting gift you can give is a cozy blanket. You can either buy one from a store or make it yourself if you're thinking of creating DIY sympathy gifts. If you enjoy knitting, you can try blanket knitting. This thoughtful gift not only brings your friend comfort but also shows you care.  

Custom Portrait 

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Lastly, you can gift your friend a customized portrait of the deceased. You can commission an artist to work on a painting or sketch or make your own if you have an artistic side. For example, if the bereaved was a feline friend and they lost their beloved cat, a framed drawing of their cat can serve as an excellent memorial gift. 

What Else Should You Do for a Friend Who Is Grieving?

Besides giving sympathy gifts and sending your message of condolence, you can reach out to your friend during this difficult time and do something for them. 


One of the best things you can do for your friend is to listen. Whether that means listening to stories they have of the deceased or descriptions of what they're feeling, you can let your friend know that they aren't alone just by being present. 

Offer Help

Sometimes it's difficult to know what to say to someone going through the complexities of grief, but that's completely fine. Even if you can't express your sympathy message verbally, you can always let them feel that you care by offering help. Dedicating your extra time to help them around their house or anything else they need can definitely help your friend in mourning. 

Check Up on Them Every Once in a While

Finally, besides reaching out to offer help, you can ask them how they're doing every once in a while. This simple question would let your friend know someone's looking out for them during this difficult time.

3 Factors to Consider in Picking Appropriate Sympathy Gift Ideas


To give an appropriate heartwarming gift, you should first consider your friend's religion or beliefs. For example, if they're Christian and appreciate prayers, a perfect sympathy gift could include bible quotes or religious sayings. On the other hand, if they're not religious, it's best to avoid anything that references these sayings or quotes. 

Relationship With the Deceased

It's also important to consider your friend's relationship with the deceased. For example, if they lost a family member, you can consider a memorial gift that's more personalized. On the other hand, if they lost someone they're not too close with, you could look for a more classic gift instead. 


Finally, a perfect gift would be something that suits your friend's interests. For example, perhaps they cherish words and homemade objects - if that's the case, then a personalized sympathy gift would be the best idea. On the other hand, if your friend's not the most sentimental person, you can opt for more practical store-bought gifts. 

2 Tips to Take Note of With Giving Memorial Presents in Grief

Pick the Best Time to Give Your Gift

It's important to consider the best time to give your heartwarming gift. This would depend on the type of gift you've decided to pick. For example, if you're planning on giving food baskets or homemade dishes, you can give this the same week during the funeral, as this would greatly help your friend.

However, if you're planning on giving a personalized portrait or other types of memento, you can give this a few weeks or months after. During this period, your friend might want to hold onto something that would keep their memory of the deceased alive after they've passed. 

Include a Note

Whatever condolence gift you choose, it's best to attach a hand-written message or card to your gift. It doesn't have to be lengthy or deep. A simple personalized message to express your sympathy would make the gift more meaningful. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Ideas for Funerals

Is It Appropriate to Send Sympathy Gifts?

Yes, your friend would undoubtedly appreciate a heartwarming gift. Just as long as these gifts are not insensitive and you consider your friend's beliefs and personality, you can give them a sympathy gift. 

Can I Send Flowers to a Funeral?

Giving flowers is more than okay if it doesn't go against your friend's customs. Many people know that flowers are one of the most classic sympathy gifts that many people know of, but this gift is considered inappropriate for some religions. 

Before you buy your flower basket or schedule a flower delivery, you should first research your friend's religion or customs. 

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As you can see, you've got lots of options when it comes to choosing a beautiful gift for your grieving friend. If you want to give your friend the gift of art or are looking more other options, reach out to Memorialize Art. With countless options, you'll certainly find the perfect gift for your friend! 

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