How To Wrap Your Gifts The Easy Way!

How To Wrap Your Gifts The Easy Way!

Wrapping presents artistically is a skill that can elevate even the most inexpensive present to a meaningful, perfect gift. Whether you're giving a present for a birthday, holiday, or other special event, it's essential to consider its presentation.

wrapping gifts

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Wrapping presents is a fun and creative activity showing your thoughtfulness in a simple gift. This article will guide you on how to gift wrap like a pro, even those awkwardly shaped small gifts and fragile items.

What You'll Need In Wrapping Presents

Sharp Scissors

A pair of scissors will give your wrapped gifts a more professional and polished look. They are helpful if you use delicate artisan paper or cut a decorative ribbon. You may also use wavy scissor lines to decorate a basic wrapping paper.

Double-Sided Tape

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Double-sided tape is firm and durable. It will ensure that your wrapping paper stays in place, even if you ship or move around your gift. A double-sided tape is a good option for wrapping delicate gifts, such as a DIY memorial gift with lace or ribbon.

Wrapping Paper

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When you wrap a present, it adds an element of surprise. Choose a wrapping paper that matches the occasion. If you wrap a present for Christmas, use a themed gift wrap. You may also use custom paper if your present is a gift to win her back.

If there's no occasion, you can use brown paper or craft paper to wrap a present. For creativity, you can use construction papers and make your gift wrap.

Gift Box

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A gift box can help to protect the gift from damage during transportation or storage. It is essential for packing gifts that are fragile, such as glassware, electronics, or a framed Christmas art gift. Additionally, A gift box can make the gift look more appealing and festive.

Piece of Ribbon

A beautiful ribbon can add a decorative touch to your gift wrapping and make it look more appealing. A bow made from ribbon is a classic and elegant way to finish off your wrapped present. The ribbon should be wide enough to be noticeable and long enough to tie a bow.

Decorative Gift Tag

You can use the gift tag to add a personal message to the gift recipient. It allows you to personalize your gift more. A gift tag also helps you to identify the recipient if you're giving holiday gifts to several people.

6 Steps On How To Wrap Gifts and Presents

Prepare Your Present

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Remove any price tags or stickers. If the gift is fragile, you may want to wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue paper rolls before wrapping it in gift wrap. If the gift is in odd shape, you can use a box with tape. For gifts prone to damage, like a Christmas charcoal drawing, wrap it with an additional layer of paper first.

Measure and Cut the Excess Paper

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Lay out your wrapping paper on a flat surface. Unroll enough paper to accommodate the size of your gift, leaving an extra inch on each side to allow for folding and securing.

If your gift is irregular, center the widest or tallest part on the paper. If it is large, like a Christmas pencil sketch on canvas, you may need an extra sheet of paper to wrap the entire present. 

Pull one edge of the wrapping paper over the gift to cover the top. Gently pull the paper taut but not too tight. Ensure there's enough paper to cover the top and extend beyond the edges of the gift.

Wrapping the Gift

While holding the paper, use a piece of transparent tape to secure it to the gift. With the paper now anchored on one side, use scissors to cut the excess paper on the other side.

Fold the other side of the wrapping paper over the gift and tape it down. Align the wrapping paper's edge with the box's edge and secure it with a piece of tape. 

If the gift has any corners, tuck them in to create a neat finish. You can also use a ruler or credit card to crease the wrapping paper for a more professional look. Remember to do it on a flat surface to ensure neat edges.

Add a Finishing Touch

A classic finishing touch is to add a colorful ribbon or bow to the top of the gift. You can use a pre-made ribbon or create your own curling ribbon. Attach it to the wrapped gift with tape or tie it in a beautiful bow. Make sure to double-knot the ribbon so it will not loosen up when transporting them.

Personalize the Wrapped Present

Decorative stickers or labels can be a fun and unique way to add a finishing design to your beautiful gift. Look for stickers that match the occasion or the recipient's interests. Remember to add your gift tag and write a message for a personal touch.

Gift Wrapping Tips

Many types of wrapping paper are available, so choosing one that is appropriate for the gift and the recipient is essential. You can also use a tape dispenser to hold the ends of the gift wrap tightly.

You may also use creative gift ideas, such as candy wrapper style. If you need help with how to wrap a gift, there are gift-wrapping tutorials you can watch online.

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