How to Protect Your Painting from Dust, Sun Damage, and Fading

How to Protect Your Painting from Dust, Sun Damage, and Fading

Investing in art, especially original works may be a substantial financial commitment; thus, properly preserving these valuable household additions is crucial. Unfortunately, these works of art can be harmed when subjected to environmental factors. If you don't take precautions, you risk having these lovely pictures destroyed. Therefore, before spending a lot of money on paintings, you should arm yourself with appropriate knowledge on properly caring for these artifacts, particularly depending on the materials used.

Why Preserve Your Oil Paintings

The value of an oil painting depends on how well it has been preserved. Preserving an oil painting is essential if you have inherited or purchased one. In particular, this is due to the following factors:

Oil Paintings are Expensive

The pigments are often blended with oil when using oil paints to get the desired color and consistency. As a result of the high price of oils and pigments, oil paintings tend to be more expensive than other types of artwork. The time it takes an artist to finish a work is also the reason why it’s significantly higher.

To Keep it in Pristine Condition

One of the most crucial factors in establishing a painting's worth is the state in which it is currently in. As soon as it's damaged, its marketability and potential earnings decline. That is why it is crucial to know how to protect a painting, especially if it is an oil painting.

How to Protect Your Painting

Use Varnish

A large majority of fine painters choose to work in oil paint. However, oil paint may get sticky and attract dust easily. This is why regular varnishing of your oil paintings is so important. After the paint has cured, a varnish is applied as a transparent protective layer. Its purpose is to keep your artwork clean and free from dust and debris. Using this method can also increase the longevity of an oil painting. As an added bonus, it prevents the effects of moisture and ultraviolet light from deteriorating the fabric. Varnish also provides another benefit by making your painting more glossy. It's important to remember, though, that a wide variety of varnishes are on the market. You should only use each one for its intended purpose and on the approved surface.

Minimize Sun Exposure

One of the primary reasons oil paintings deteriorate when exposed to sunlight for extended periods is the pigments in the oil itself. UV rays from the sun can dull the vibrant colors and detailed brushwork of oil paints if the painting is left in direct sunlight for too long.
You should tint the windows in your home with a UV-blocking tint if you intend to hang your oil paintings near a window. Doing so will greatly lessen the possibility that your exhibited painting or photograph will fade. Or, better still, keep them out of the sun entirely.
Contrarily, if you don't want the light to influence your interior decoration decisions, have your artwork framed behind UV-filtering acrylic instead of glass. It's much easier on the eyes than glass, and it will keep your artwork from becoming yellow or fading in the sun.

Install Curtains

The installation of curtains is the most cost-effective method of protecting your artwork from dirt and light. Choose the correct fabric, though, because some have an abrasive texture that might eventually scrape the paint off the wall. That's why it's suggested that you go with a satin, charmeuse, or habotai. Fabrics like this won't scratch your artwork since they're so soft. In addition to being long-lasting, they require little maintenance beyond the occasional dusting and washing.
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Place Painting in a Ventilated Area

Besides the potentially harmful effects of direct sunlight, you should also consider the ventilation in the room you intend to hang the painting. Always keep in mind that your art requires some breathing room. As a result, it has to be put in places where there is plenty of room and air circulation. It's best to store your artwork somewhere cold, dry, and airy. Adequate air circulation around the painting maintains a stable temperature and relative humidity. Plus, it keeps the air and artwork cleaner by reducing the buildup of dust and other pollutants.

Take Note of Humidity Levels

Ideally, a painting should be kept in a room with a humidity of 55 percent. Above that, moisture can condense and cause oil paintings to blot or even leak through the canvas. These might cause permanent damage to the artwork by staining or otherwise marking it. Water-based paint is also vulnerable to dampness and can cause your painting to degrade.


Should I clean my paintings?

Some art lovers and collectors believe that washing paintings too often pose a risk to the artwork and thus does not encourage it, while others insist that paintings should be cleaned frequently. However, remember that various painting media have distinct cleaning needs. Make sure that you are using the proper cleaning method that is suitable for your painting. 
On the other hand, it's a good idea to dust off your paintings every once in a while. Doing so might aid in preserving your artwork' bright hues and artistic effect.

Should I use gloves when handling paintings?

Yes. Always use gloves while dealing with the artwork. If you don't, you could ruin the artwork. The quality of a painting can be diminished by the introduction of even minute dust particles and traces of natural oils, which can be transferred from a person's hands even though they appear clean.
Paintings are a form of investment that may appreciate in value over time. If you're thinking of starting your own collection, you should be well-prepared to handle it. Paintings like custom oil portraits are a good place to begin before moving on to more expensive pieces.

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