How to Ship Oil Painting: A Complete and Easy Guide for Everyone

How to Ship Oil Painting: A Complete and Easy Guide for Everyone

Art pieces finished with oil paints are considered fragile items. These are prone to damage in transit, moisture damage, and theft. It is important to take the necessary precautions to keep this delicate item safe.

Unsure of how to ship an oil painting? This article will help you with the best way to do it, how to properly pack, and other details on shipping oil paintings. There are a few key steps to follow on how to ship paintings on canvas. 

If you are an artist who is selling original paintings, or an art collector who needs to safely and securely transport any type of artwork, you may be wondering how to pack paintings for shipping.

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The Best Way to Ship Oil Painting

Use Appropriate Packaging

Make sure the box is strong enough to protect the painting during transit. Cardboard boxes with at least double walls are the best choice for oil paintings. If the painting is large, use a box that is at least three inches larger than the painting on each side.

Choose The Right Shipping Option

Choose a shipping method that is appropriate for your painting’s size, weight, and value. Make sure to use a reputable shipping service that offers tracking methods. This will help ensure the painting is delivered safely and on time.
With proper preparation and knowledge of shipping regulations, you can ensure that your valuable artwork arrives safely and securely.

Insure The Painting

Make sure you purchase the appropriate insurance coverage for your painting. The amount of coverage you should purchase depends on the value of the original oil painting. You may purchase additional insurance in addition to the basic insurance for better protection.

Label The Package Correctly

Make sure to include your contact information on the package, as well as the recipient’s contact information. Include a detailed description of the painting’s contents so that it can be identified in the event of a problem.

Track The Package

Track the package from time to time so that you can ensure it is being delivered safely and complied with the days of delivery. It also offers an added layer of security. Gallery owners can track paintings from the moment it leaves the studio, ensuring that it arrives safely at their destined art galleries.

How to Properly Pack your Oil Painting

Choose The Right Box

There are different sizes for shipping paintings. However, ensure the box is strong enough to protect the painting during transit. Cardboard boxes with at least double walls add an extra layer of protection.
How to ship a large painting? A large artwork needs a box extra inches larger than the painting on each side.

Wrap With Layers of Bubble Wrap or Foam Boards

Once the painting is wrapped, place it in the box and fill the spaces around it with packing material such as foam peanuts or shredded paper. This will help keep the painting in place and prevent it from moving around during transit.

Secure The Painting Box

Use packing tape to make sure the box is securely sealed. Place labels on the box to identify it as a fragile package and to indicate the correct address. Ensure that all seams and edges are secured with tape.

Avoid these Mistakes When You Ship Oil Paintings

Not Using The Right Packaging Materials

It is essential to use materials such as adhesive tape, bubble wrap, foam core, and cardboard protectors.
Do not use household tapes since these are not as durable as packaging tapes. This will not keep a delicate painting safe during transit. Do not use newspaper to wrap the painting, as the ink may transfer onto the painting. Instead, use acid-free glassine paper to keep the colors of the canvas paintings intact.

Neglecting to Insure The Delicate Painting

It is important to get insurance for the artwork in case of any damage or loss during shipping. This is one of the major mistakes made by an artist when shipping oil paintings. Some artists do not purchase insurance, thinking that an inexpensive artwork or a single painting has no risk of loss.

Not Using Professional Freight Services

Many freight services offer special services for artwork, such as extra padding, plastic wrap, and climate-controlled shipping. This level of service will ensure that the artwork is shipped in the safest and most secure way possible.

Shipping a Wet Oil Painting or Fresh Painting

Paintings can take weeks or months drying times. Depending on the type of paint used, sending canvas paintings before they dry can cause the colors to run and the painting to be ruined. 

How Long Does it Take to Ship Oil Painting?

Ground shipping is usually the most cost-effective option, but it can take up to two weeks for the package to arrive. Overnight shipping will be received the next day. However, it is more expensive. Large and complex paintings can take much longer to ship than smaller and simpler ones.

To ship paintings, caution and careful planning should be taken to avoid any risk of damage.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship Oil Painting?

The cost of shipping artwork depends on the size, shape, and actual weight of the painting. Heavier and larger pieces will cost more to ship than smaller, lighter ones. Research the different options to determine which is the most cost-effective for your situation.

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