4 Best Memorial Gifts for a Mother Who Lost a Son

4 Best Memorial Gifts for a Mother Who Lost a Son

mourning mother at funeral
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Mothers’ bodies are designed so that our children will live longer than us. So losing a child is the saddest thing that can happen. It seems to go against nature. It's hard to witness this kind of pain or loss , and it can feel hard to find the right words to say to a mother who’s hurting. If you are a concerned loved one or a friend, you may find it confusing to look for a memorial gift for a mother who lost a son. 

Choosing the Right Gift

At a friend or family member's funeral or memorial service, everyone feels emotional. Though bringing a gift to a funeral is thoughtful, it is always important to weigh the griever’s unique needs. Below are some gift ideas to give a grieving mother.

5 Best Memorial Gifts for a Mother Who Lost a Son 

Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a great way to remember a friend or family member. Placed outside among the trees and birds, a bird feeder can give your loved one a sense of calm and peace during an otherwise difficult time, like when they are grieving the loss of their son.

DIY Memory Box

After losing a loved one, many people worry that their memories will fade and they'll forget them. A memory box is a great way to help her remember by putting all of her most treasured items in one place. This can serve as a remembrance gift for a mother who has lost a son.

Photobooks of the Deceased Son

If you still don’t know what to get a mother who lost her son, you can make a photobook instead. If you know the child well enough to have a lot of pictures of him or her, a photo book is a great gift for parents who have lost a child. If you are crafty and want to make something, you can write the son's important details.

Custom Charcoal Portrait

Give a gift that shows your condolences while also honoring the deceased. You might create a piece of art out of the son's favorite lyrics to provide the grieving mother a place to display their loved one's favorite. A set of wall prints with the deceased person's favorite lyrics is a touching gift idea for a mourning mother.
charcoal memorial portrait
Another recommendation if you still don’t know what to give someone who lost a son is a customized charcoal portrait . Give them a gift with enduring worth through a memorial art. Bringing comfort to a grieving mother in this way would be the ultimate homage to her son who was taken too soon.

Helpful Etiquette Tips in Memorial Gift-Giving

Know If Giving a Certain Gift is Appropriate

Everyone likes getting gifts, and when you're sad, it can be especially nice to know that people are thinking about you. The only time a sympathy gift or any remembrance gifts for parents who have lost a child might not be appropriate is if that person's religion doesn't have a tradition of giving flowers, like the Jewish religion. Also, if you give someone food, make sure you know if they can't eat certain things.

Know the Recipient of the Sympathy Gift

Who you send your gift to will depend in part on how close you were to the person who died. If it's for a friend who's lost someone, you can say "to my friend and family." If you didn't know the person who died or their family very well, like if they were just a casual acquaintance, it's probably best to send it to "the [name] family." 

Know When to Send a Gift

It's never too late to send a sympathy gift like memorial gifts for loss of son, even if the best time is right away after the burial. You can still send or deliver something to a loved one even after weeks or months have gone by to let them know you've been thinking of them.

Key Takeaways

Knowing the proper etiquette for sending a sympathy gift can be difficult, and the fear of getting it wrong is all too real. Hopefully, this article has eased any concerns you may have and given you the courage to offer your support with a calming and meaningful gift. A present will bring some solace in the midst of the sadness and grief of a loss. The major point here is that providing a gift is always a touching gesture that you should strive to do if you can.

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