Abstract Art: 6 Techniques to Help You Express Yourself

Abstract Art: 6 Techniques to Help You Express Yourself

In the vast realm of art, few genres provoke as much curiosity and emotional exploration as abstract art. It's an art form that refuses to be boxed in, free from the chains of realism and the tangible world. Instead, it's a canvas for emotions, ideas, and the uncharted territories of the artist's mind. With an array of abstract art techniques, artists have the tools to manifest their innermost feelings and thoughts, beckoning viewers to journey with them into the abstract.

Abstract Art: 6 Techniques to Help You Express Yourself

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What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art, a non-representational art form, often leaves out traditional visual references from the world. Instead of depicting people, places, or objects in the natural world, this art form uses colors, shapes, and forms to achieve its effect. Through various abstract art techniques, artists evoke emotions, concepts, or ideas that may not be visually identifiable. 

Benefits of Creating Abstract Art

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Personal Expression

Abstract art allows artists to express emotions, thoughts, and experiences uniquely. Without the constraints of realism, you're free to depict what you feel rather than see.

Evoking Deep Emotions

Often, abstract works can elicit deeper emotions from viewers than traditional art. The ambiguity encourages viewers to dive deeper, interpreting the piece based on their experiences and feelings.

Enhanced Creativity

The absence of strict guidelines or realistic depictions can push artists to experiment more, helping them to grow and develop their skills. Every canvas is a new adventure, a journey where the destination isn't pre-defined but carved out with each brushstroke.

Diversity in Styles

The beauty of abstract art lies in its vast spectrum of styles. Consider the ethereal charm of a watercolor house portrait, where soft hues merge and meld, evoking a sense of nostalgia and dreamy tranquility. On the other end of the spectrum, there are faceless portraits, bold in their simplicity, making powerful statements through what's omitted rather than depicted.

Different Abstract Art Techniques

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Like watercolors, the washing technique uses diluted paint to create translucent layers. These layers build upon each other, creating a sense of depth. With every wash, the canvas unfurls a rich history, revealing layers of emotion and intention beneath the surface.


A mesmerizing technique, pouring involves directly releasing paint onto the canvas. Once poured, the canvas can be tilted, guiding the flow of the paint and producing organic and unpredictable patterns. The result is often a vivid dance of colors, creating a symphony of spontaneity.


Unpredictable and wild, splattering paint onto the canvas isn't just an action—it's a declaration. Each cascade of droplets tells its own abstract story. It's a bold technique, often used to convey bursts of energy, chaos, or spontaneity, capturing fleeting moments of emotion.

Dry Brush

One of the most foundational techniques, dry brushing, is all about texture. Artists introduce a rugged, tactile quality to the canvas using a brush with minimal paint and without water. This scratchy, rough texture speaks volumes, adding depth and character to an abstract setting.

Smooth Blended

Smooth blending is all about harmony as a juxtaposition to more textured techniques. It provides artwork with fluidity and serenity, creating a seamless dance of colors and forms. Through the delicate blending of colors and shapes, artists can evoke feelings of calmness, transition, or even the fleeting beauty of gradient emotions.


Thickness and texture are at the heart of the impasto technique. By layering thick swathes of paint onto the canvas, artists create a tangible 3D texture. These raised surfaces, with their peaks and valleys, play with light and shadow, adding an enthralling dynamism that beckons viewers to touch and feel the artwork.

Each of these techniques, in its own right, offers artists a unique avenue to express, experiment, and evoke, making the canvas a playground of emotions and stories.

Tips for Creating Abstract Art

Start with an Emotion or Idea

The heart of every abstract artwork lies in the emotion or idea it aims to capture. Before immersing yourself in the creation process, take a moment to introspect. What feeling or concept resonates with you? Having this guiding principle can provide direction and be the North Star that ensures your artwork remains authentic and powerful.

Experiment with Materials

The beauty of art, especially abstract, lies in its boundless horizons. Traditional paintbrushes and pallet knives are just the beginning. Expand your horizons. Think of using sponges, feathers, or even your fingers to apply paint. Textures can be introduced through unconventional items like foil, sand, or fabric.

Trust Your Instincts

While art is replete with inspirations and conventions, abstract art thrives on individuality. Every stroke, every hue, every form should resonate with your inner self. It's easy to get swayed by established norms or trends but always remember – your instincts are the compass that leads to the most genuine and captivating artworks. When in doubt, let your heart guide the way.

Take Breaks and Reflect

Art isn't just about creation; it's also about reflection. Often, amid the creative process, stepping away is beneficial, even if just for a short while. This pause can offer fresh eyes and renewed perspectives. It allows you to revisit your work, see it anew, and identify patterns you hadn't noticed or areas that might benefit from more attention.

Accept Evolution

In abstract art, fluidity isn't just a technique—it's a mindset. An artwork can start as a mere whisper of an idea and then blossom, shift, and transform into a roaring symphony of emotions. Embrace this journey of transformation. Every twist, turn, and evolution adds depth to your piece, truly reflecting your artistic journey.

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