6 Advantages of Oil Painting

6 Advantages of Oil Painting

Are you planning to learn how to paint with oil? One of the most popular ways to make art is with oil paints, and for a good reason. They are varied and full. But that doesn't mean that new artists can't use oil paints. If you're a beginner at oil painting and want to add more depth and technique to your art, learn these advantages.

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What Is an Oil Painting?

Oil-based paints are made with natural oils like alkyd and linseed. When oil-based paint is used, the surface is often smooth and shiny; oil-based paintings are called oil paintings. Oil painting is done by putting colors on a canvas with a drying oil substance that holds the colors together. This substance is called oil on canvas medium.

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Advantages of Oil Painting

Find out the basics about oil painting before deciding if it's the right medium for your needs. We'll go through some of the oil painting uses here. So if you are considering using oil paint as a novice in painting or upskilling your painting method, this article will uncover the top-picked 6 advantages of oil paint. Let's get on with it!

Multiple Utilization

When it comes to surface application, one of the advantages of oil paints is being more versatile than other paints. 

Variety of Surfaces and Effects

Oil paint can be combined to appear opaque, translucent, or anywhere in between and to have a matte or glossy finish or any other wrap-up.


Once dry, oil paints do not change in color, texture, or finish. This makes it easier for painters to predict the final appearance of their work compared to other paints whose appearance might alter upon drying.

Color Depth and Range

Oil paints offer a greater variety of hues and a richer color depth. By adding minute amounts of different colors, for instance, artists can slowly alter the saturation and hue of their hues. 


Oil paints dry more slowly than other types of paint; this gives artists more time to concentrate on their masterpieces. Aside from that, artists can make adjustments to their art pieces. 

Smooth Blending

When it comes to blending, oil paint reigns supreme due to its consistency, which allows you to blend colors as if you were a chef preparing a color batter.

Disadvantages of Oil Painting

The uses of oil paint don't only have advantages. You could be on the fence about whether or not to give oil painting a shot. Knowing the unpleasant oil paint facts makes deciding whether or not to try it a breeze.

Drying Time

Oil paints can be a drawback for some artists because of their lengthy drying period, particularly those who work with a dry underpainting or who prefer to utilize a rapid succession of washes. 

Lack of Clarity

Some artists have difficulty focusing on a distinct vision, goal, or expression because oil paints may be painted over once they have dried, so effectively repairing numerous errors. 

Blending Capabilities

Few painters may be tempted to continue blending until the colors and shapes become murky or confused because oil paints blend easily.

The Cost

Numerous painters are initially discouraged by the price difference between oil paint and other materials. 

What's So Great About Oil Paint?

Let's get to the juicy details. For an oil painter, the list of reasons why oil paint is a must-have medium and why oil paint is so versatile can seem as long as the time it takes for permanent alizarin to dry. If you're unsure whether oil on canvas medium is for you, below is the list of benefits of oil painting:


Oil painting is time-consuming. In such an intense creative process, you must remain focused. Therefore, using oil paint or oil painting is an excellent approach to improving attention. 


There is a sense of problem-solving in this distinctive art form that requires concentration and patience. Oil painting is, consequently, to say the least, an engaging problem-solving activity.


Painting requires patience, talent, and wit. Every correct stroke of the brush instills a modest surge of confidence in your heart that soars when you ultimately create something wonderful through patience.

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