A Guide to Digital Art Styles in 2023

A Guide to Digital Art Styles in 2023

Digital art is a unique form of artistic expression created using digital tools and editing software. While it shares similarities with other art forms, its techniques, and process set it apart. In 2023, the digital art landscape continues to evolve, offering a wide array of captivating styles that ignite inspiration. From the striking beauty of line art portraits to the intricate details of faceless portraits, digital art pushes the boundaries of creativity and presents new avenues for artistic exploration. 

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Embracing technology and innovative techniques, digital artists continue to redefine the possibilities of artistic expression, making the world of digital art a captivating and ever-evolving realm to explore. This article serves as your guide to discovering and understanding the rich tapestry of digital art styles that shape the artistic landscape in 2023.

Types of Digital Art Styles

Digital Painting and Drawing

One of the examples of digital art is Digital Painting, which tries to look like oil, pastel, and watercolor paintings.  You can use a stylus with art tools like Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, or Procreate on something like an iPad or with a drawing tablet plugged into a computer.

Vector Drawing

The artist creates the graphics entirely digitally using vector drawing tools. Vector artwork is a style of digital art that consists of geometric forms and straight lines that are filled with color and design using mathematical algorithms. After that, the artist has a lot of flexibility in adjusting and modifying things like shadows, transparency, and groups.

3D Modeling

To generate a computerized, three-dimensional depiction of people, places, and things for usage in media like movies, video games, and artwork, 3D modeling is utilized. The artist creates points on a digital 3D canvas, much like in vector graphics, and the software uses those points to create lines and planes.  A "mesh" is a collection of connected planes, and an artist will alter and make new planes to fashion a mesh that resembles the target object.

2D Digital Painting

The most popular type of digital art is 2D digital painting, which is ideal if you're a newbie looking to dangle your toes in the world of digital art. It seeks to provide digital artists with the most realistic experience possible by closely replicating conventional painting techniques. A tablet and pen are used. In most instances, it's difficult to tell 2D digital art from hand-painted art. 

Pixel Art

A type of digital art that arose out of necessity at the time, when games required visuals but were run on hardware that was incapable of displaying huge or complex images. The digital art style is composed of big blocks of color (called pixels), often with limited color palettes, and each item is confined to a maximum size of 8x8 pixels, 16x16 pixels, 32x32 pixels, and so on.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is the most popular digital art form right now, which shouldn't be a surprise. You don't even need any art skills to do it. No one still uses photo rolls or develops photos in darkrooms. You can take as many photos and videos as you want with a modern digital camera. 

Raster Painting

Raster Painting is a style of digital art that gives an artwork a pixel-like feel and resembles a real hand painting. Raster artworks contain pixels, and when magnified, the image quality degrades and becomes pixelated greatly, yet this also gives them the appearance of an actual hand-drawn painting.

What are the factors that influence digital art style?

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The creative process of any artist is shaped by a wide variety of circumstances, including culture, politics, surroundings, family, upbringing, and a never-ending list of others. 

Many factors shape the style of digital art. The artist's unique vision and creative choices bring diversity to their artwork. Also, the advancements in technology and available tools greatly influence digital art styles, allowing artists to experiment and achieve various visual effects. 

Cultural and historical influences also play a role as artists draw inspiration from different sources. Personal preferences, experimentation, and exploration contribute to individual styles. As artists refine their skills, they develop preferred techniques, color palettes, and visual motifs that become their signature style. 

Developing Your Own Digital Art Style

Your work feels like you because of your artistic style. There are many instructions available online and in books that walk readers through each step of how to draw the human body, paint a sunset, or make a battle scene on film. But there isn't a guide for developing your artistic voice. Because your artistic style is wholly unique to you, no one actually understands the precise steps they took to develop it. Even if they did, though, it wouldn't be much use to anybody other than themselves.

Making digital art forms is simple even if you've never done it before or have no idea how to get started. The process of making your own graphics and digital illustration art can be facilitated by a number of online tools and resources in addition to the more conventional software designed for this purpose.

Bottom Line

The digital art landscape of 2023 showcases the boundless creativity and innovative techniques employed by artists worldwide. Immersing oneself in these digital art styles provides a deeper understanding of the artistic possibilities offered by technology and digital tools. The inspiration and knowledge gained from this guide can help push the boundaries of digital art and allow creativity to flourish within the ever-expanding digital art landscape.

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