Realistic Hand Drawn Family Portrait Using Pencil

Realistic Hand Drawn Family Portrait Using Pencil

A hand-drawn portrait of a family can be a very thoughtful and personal gift. It shows that you have taken the time and effort to create something special and unique for the recipient. Whether or not it is a good gift depends on the preferences and interests of the person you are giving it to. 

Some people may appreciate a hand-drawn portrait as a sentimental and meaningful gift, while others may not be as interested in receiving something like this. It's always a good idea to consider the recipient's interests and tastes when choosing a gift.

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Creating a pencil portrait can take a significant amount of time and effort, depending on the portrait's level of detail and complexity. Pencil drawings range from simple sketches to highly detailed and realistic works of art. The amount of time it takes to create a pencil portrait will depend on the artist's skill level and experience, as well as the size and complexity of the portrait.

A simple pencil sketch of a person's face may take a few hours, while a more detailed and realistic portrait could take days or weeks to finish. It's important to remember that creating a pencil portrait is a time-intensive process that requires a lot of skill and patience.

Things to Consider Before Giving a Gift

It's important to consider these factors before giving someone a gift because it helps ensure that the gift is well-received and appreciated. 

By taking the time to think about the recipient's preferences, the occasion, your relationship with them, and your budget, you can choose a gift that is appropriate and meaningful. This can help make the gift-giving experience more enjoyable and satisfying for you and the recipient. 

Preferences and Interests

Think about what the recipient likes or dislikes and choose a gift that aligns with their interests.


Consider the occasion for which you are giving the gift. Is it a birthday, holiday, or special event? This can help you determine the appropriateness of the gift.

Relationship With the recipient

Consider the nature of your relationship with the recipient. A gift may be more personal or extravagant for a close family member or friend than a colleague or acquaintance.


Determine how much you are willing and able to spend on the gift. This can help narrow down your options and ensure you choose something within your means.

Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to the gift, such as a handwritten note or a unique wrapping paper, can make it feel more special and thoughtful.

Where to get Personalized Hand Drawn Family Portraits?

There are a few options for getting personalized hand-drawn family portraits:

Local Artists

You can try searching for local artists in your area who offer hand-drawn portrait services. You can often find these artists through online directories or by contacting local art galleries or studios.

Online Marketplaces

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Purchasing from an online marketplace such as Memorialize Art can be a great way to find creative and unique artwork with minimal effort. We put convenience and affordability first, with easy access to an array of different paintings ready at your fingertips. With our focus on memorial gifts, you can easily find something special in honor of your loved ones that will last for years and years to come. With our customer-focused approach, timely and secure delivery, and quality assurance via data-security encryption, you know your purchase is made safely when you put your trust into Memorialize Art.

Freelance Platforms

There are also freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr, where you can find artists who offer hand-drawn portrait services. You can browse their profiles and reviews and contact them to discuss your project and get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pencil portrait cost?

The cost of a pencil portrait can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the artist's skill level and experience, the size and complexity of the portrait, and the amount of time it takes to create. 

What is a pencil portrait called?

There is no specific term for a pencil portrait that is universally accepted. Some people may simply refer to it as a "pencil portrait," while others may use terms such as "pencil drawing," "graphite drawing," or "charcoal drawing," depending on the materials used.

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