How to Frame a Canvas Painting: An Easy and Comprehensive Guide

How to Frame a Canvas Painting: An Easy and Comprehensive Guide

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Canvas is a popular medium for artists because it is affordable, versatile, and easy to work with. Canvas paintings are often given as gifts to friends or family members and can be used as decorations in your home or office.

This article will help you discover the most straightforward process on how to frame canvas art and the necessary materials to start making your DIY canvas frame.

Why Is It Important to Frame Your Canvas Painting?

Framing your canvas painting is important because it helps you preserve the quality of your artwork, which you want to do if you have any intention of selling it later. Framed paintings are also more easily displayed and displayed in a way that makes them look great, which can increase their value.

Remember that framing is an art form, just like the painting itself. Making a frame for a canvas can make your art more lively. The frame should complement the work of art, not detract from it. 

How Much Does Canvas Framing Cost?

The cost of framing a canvas depends on the size and type of frame you choose.

A simple frame for a 16x20 canvas can cost as little as $99, while a more ornate frame may cost upwards of $400.

If you purchase your own materials and make the frame yourself, it will be cheaper than having someone else do it for you.

Things You Need to Consider in Framing a Canvas

The most common use for canvas is as a painting surface, but it's also frequently used for photographs, sculptures, and other forms of artwork. Before making a frame for your canvas piece, you must consider the different factors that may affect your work.

Size of Canvas

The size of your canvas affects the size of your frame. The larger the canvas, the larger the frame you'll need to accommodate it. The more expensive it goes as the canvas becomes larger.

Cost of Materials

You need to consider the cost of materials when framing a canvas. The price of frames and paints is affected by how you want your frame to look. It will be cheaper if you wish to have a much simpler product.

Weight of Canvas

Before framing the canvas, you must know its weight, as it determines the stability and sturdiness of the frame itself. If you have a large painting or other art pieces, you will need a much sturdier frame and a firm wall to hang your painting.

Glass Cover

If you wish to protect your art, you better include a glass cover on your frame. This will keep dust and dirt from settling on your art. It can also help keep moisture away from the canvas, which can cause damage over time if left unchecked.

Display Location

Having a small display area means you can only display small artwork. To show off larger paintings, you must consider where you'll put them. You could hang them on the wall or use a more exciting way of displaying them. One thing to avoid is putting them in an area that isn't well-lit—you want your artwork to look its best, so make sure they're in a place where they'll get plenty of light.

Original or Printed

One framing idea for canvas painting is deciding whether you want original or printed artwork. While an original work of art will be more protected in its frame, a printed copy can still look great and may be less expensive.

Capability to Make It Yourself

If you are planning to frame a canvas on your own, you need to consider the capability of doing so. If you do not have the skill or motivation to make it yourself, there's no point in wasting materials and money.

Materials Needed in Framing a Canvas

Printed Canvas or Painting

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Before planning how to frame a canvas print or painting, you must decide what kind of painting to get. Memorialize Art offers various options for those who want to get a personalized portrait. We also have a wide range of canvas prints that can be framed and hung on the wall. 

Wood Glue and Nails

Wood glue and nails are what will hold your painting together. They're used to attach the frame to the canvas and make sure it stays in place.

Wooden Frame

A wooden frame is the backbone of any artwork. It's where you can show off your creativity and personality while giving your art the support it needs to last.
Wooden frames must be durable to stand up to the test of time. They should also have a classic look that complements any piece of art, whether a portrait or landscape.

Wood Finish Stain

Stain is a type of paint that gives your wood frame some finishing touches. The wood finish stain will give your canvas a natural glow and a more complex design. It also helps to protect it from moisture and other elements that may damage your frame.

How to Frame a Canvas Painting

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(Photo by Jessica Ruscello from Unsplash)

Secure the Materials Needed

Prepare the necessary materials. Make sure everything is ready and your workspace is clean before you begin working.

Measure the Dimension of Your Canvas

The area you want to expose on your canvas must be the exact area on your frame.

Fasten the Frame With Glue and Nails

Assemble your canvas frame without your art inside it. Ensure every gap is sealed with adhesives and nails to prevent moisture entry, especially in the glass cover area.

Stain Your Frame

By adding stain to your frame, you are creating a more complex design that will make it more interesting as it compliments your canvas painting.

Pull and Staple the Canvas

Make sure the canvas is stretched evenly on all sides to prevent shrinking. Secure it with nails or staples.

Place the Canvas Face Down on the Frame.

Place the face of your canvas down on a clean surface. Make sure that the glass is clean. To ensure that the canvas is evenly positioned, check the distance between the corners; it should be the same in each case.

Lock With Backboard

Secure your backboard with frame clips. This will hold your canvas in place and ensure it won’t move inside the frame when transported.

Display Your Artwork

Prepare a well-lit room to display your artwork and admire it.

Final Thoughts

The most important thing you'll need is the canvas painting itself. You can get your personalized painting in Memorialize Art if you wish to make a frame. We have different options for you to choose from. You can pick a watercolor family portrait, charcoal portrait, or your favorite pet's painting.

Fun Question When Framing a Canvas

Can You Put a Frame on a Canvas?

Yes, you can put a frame on a canvas.
Frames are made to hold and protect the canvas from damage. They also give the canvas stability and help it stay on the wall.

How Do You Frame Canvas Art in Regular Frame?

To frame canvas art in a regular frame, you will need to cut the canvas to the size of your frame.

How Do You Adhere Canvas to Frame?

You can adhere your canvas to your frame with wood glue. Make sure your frame is dry, and your painting is protected to avoid stains on your artwork

How Do You Frame a Canvas on a Wall?

You can frame a canvas on a wall using either a matte or a frame.
The matte is usually clear, and it covers the entire canvas. The frame will have an edge around it, allowing you to hang the painting in a way similar to how you would hang any other picture.