5 Ways to Add a Deceased Loved One in Family Portraits

5 Ways to Add a Deceased Loved One in Family Portraits

When you lose a loved one, you cling to your memories of them which makes incorporating a lost loved one in pictures a sentimental endeavor. After experiencing the pain of loss, collecting homemade memorial presents, keeping cherished family photo albums, or adding a deceased loved one to a photo are the things you will reflect upon for many years. 

Why You Should Include a Deceased Loved One in Family Photos 

The moment a loved one is lost, the memory becomes a priceless relic. A treasure that you should respect and honor by telling their stories and including them in family photographs. So if you have lost a loved one or are grieving someone you've lost, it can be difficult to think of anything else. 

This holds true to the fact that Images are a visual diary; they include recollections of places and people, each with its own significance and meaning. Thus, photography is arguably the most powerful technology ever created. Adding a deceased loved one to a photo is a good option if you are looking for a meaningful method to keep the memory of a deceased loved one alive and flourishing. 

The list below shows the reasons why memorial pictures of loved ones are added to any family pictures:

Unforgettable Keepsake

Mementos serve as a method to memorialize a deceased loved one, to experience what it feels like when they were around. They may be gone, but they are never forgotten. 

Emotional Relief

Seeing portraits of dead family members reunited with the ones left behind helps alleviate feelings of loss and grief.

Part of the Family Tree

Family photographs need to provide a comprehensive view of someone's family tree. By incorporating a lost loved one in a family portrait, their branch continues to exist.

Ways To Incorporate A Deceased Loved One In Portraits

Whether it is a parent, grandparent, child, or closest friend, losing a loved one is a tragic event, and the subsequent grief can be difficult to overcome. In order to ease that feeling of sorrow, people tend to add a deceased family member to any of their family photographs.

To help you achieve that realistic view of a family portrait of loved ones in heaven, here are the best 5 ways how to add a deceased person to a photo:

Collage Making

Consider collage-making from old pictures if you are unsure of what to do with the deceased family photos; it is a wonderful way to celebrate everyone's memories. A photo collage can be created with real or digital images, allowing you to combine old and fresh photographs that will leave you a beautiful memorial to a life well lived. Include photographs from throughout your life, the deceased's life, and the development of the family. 

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Photoshop or Image Editing

If you are an experienced image editor, you can insert pictures of deceased loved ones into an existing photograph using photo editing softwares.

Ghost Photo

Another alternative is to make a ghost photograph. This is when pictures of dead members are included in an existing family photograph at a reduced opacity. The outcome is that they appear less visible than the rest of the family, similar to a ghost. 

These pictures of long-gone family members referred to as ghost photographs, are a potent means of recall while also making it evident that the subject is no longer with you.

Video Memorial

A video memorial allows you to put all your photographs into a slideshow or video presentation for something with a bit more motion and caption. The video may include pictures of loved ones who have passed, family recollections, statements from surviving relatives, and even sentimental songs. Video is a potent medium that is rarely considered, but it profoundly impacts those left behind. 

Memorial Portrait 

Perhaps you are wondering what you will do with the portraits of the deceased family loved ones in your family. Using it as a painting reference may be the most sentimental alternative. A painting of deceased loved ones can help the bereaved better express their feelings and accept the loss. 

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