11 Unique Memorial Picture Ideas for Funeral Displays

11 Unique Memorial Picture Ideas for Funeral Displays

A celebration of life is an event held to honor the life of a loved one, typically after they have passed away. There are many different ways to make a celebration of life special, but some tips include choosing the right location, decorating accordingly, and having a fitting program.

Memorials are a fantastic way to keep departed loved ones near to our hearts and evoke pleasant memories whenever we see them. There are so many alternatives for mementos, including jewelry, wall collages, books, paintings, plaques, vases, and candles, that the list is practically limitless. When considering ideas for memory, we want to select something that captures the essence of the deceased.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the event should be tailored to the individual who has passed away. For example, if they were a creative person or a sports fan, you might want to incorporate elements that reflect these interests into your memorial photo displays. Or, if they were into nature, you could choose a beautiful outdoor location for the event.

This article will supply you with memorial portrait ideas to help you in this event. No matter what you do, it's important to ensure that everyone attending feels comfortable and welcome.

The Significance of Holding Memorials

Memorials are a fantastic way to keep departed loved ones near to our hearts and evoke fond memories whenever we see them. There are so many alternatives for mementos, including jewelry, wall collages, books, paintings, plaques, vases, and candles, that the list is practically limitless.

When considering ideas for memory, we want to select something that captures the essence of the deceased. 

11 Memorial Picture Ideas

Memorial Photo Frame with Custom Handwriting

Memorial Photo Frame with Custom Handwriting

Make your loved one's memorial photo frame even more unique by engraving a note in their handwriting. The individual's handwriting embodies all of their personality's warmth and lovely aspects. And now you can display it for everyone to see.

Watercolor Memorial Portrait

watercolor memorial portrait

Get your watercolor memorial portrait here

A watercolor memorial portrait offers a gentle and artistic way to honor the memory of a loved one at a funeral. Utilizing the subtle and ethereal qualities of watercolor paints, these portraits capture the essence and personality of the departed in a soft, soothing style. The fluidity of watercolors lends a dreamlike and comforting quality to the artwork, making it a fitting and respectful tribute. Displaying such a portrait can provide a sense of peace and solace to attendees, serving as a beautiful reminder of the loved one's spirit and life.

Engraved Memorial Portrait

Engraved Memorial Portrait

Photo by Wido Santos from Pexels

The etched wooden memorial portraits are really lovely. Capture their individuality in an enduring engraving and make it the centerpiece of your house or cabin. You may entirely personalize the rustic sculpture to fit your interests and the memories of your loved one.

Line Art Portrait

line art portrait

A line art portrait is a minimalist yet impactful memorial picture idea. Its simplicity, characterized by clean and elegant lines, captures the essence of the departed in a subtle and dignified manner. This style of art focuses on the most significant features and contours, creating a poignant image that evokes emotion and memory without overwhelming detail. Displaying a Line Art Portrait at a funeral offers a modern, understated way to remember and celebrate the life of a loved one.

Free Memorial Website with Online Photo Gallery

Free Memorial Website with Online Photo Gallery

Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels

A memorial website is a smart, modern method to keep your loved one's memory alive. Similar in idea to a memorial blog, you may contribute photographs, memories, essays, and so much more. This can also contain memory boards that contain submissions from friends and relatives.

It also contains funeral details, the obituary, family requirements, etc., to keep everyone updated and in the loop. This can be an interactive timeline that has up-to-date details. A genuinely amazing concept.

Photo Recreation

Photo Recreation

Photo recreation provides a unique way to remember and honor the deceased by bringing old photographs back to life. This service involves restoring, enhancing, or even digitally altering photographs to recreate cherished moments or to imagine new ones. Such recreated photos can serve as powerful visual tributes, allowing family and friends to relive precious memories and see the departed in a renewed light. Displaying these recreated images at a funeral can add a personal and heartfelt touch to the memorial.

Tri-Fold Funeral Photo Collage

Tri-Fold Funeral Photo Collage

Making a photo collage is simple, and it can be a great way to recall treasured memories and express emotions. You will need a tri-fold display board, which is available at most office supply stores and on Amazon, to get started. You will also need a double-sided adhesive that will not damage your photos.

Tree of Life Memorial Photo Display

Tree of Life Memorial Photo Display

Make a tree of life for a really creative and unique memorial service picture display. This is an excellent choice for displaying images beside the casket or cremation urn or for greeting guests in the lobby before the memorial service. It is simple to prepare even if you have little spare time.

Combine Photo

Combine Photo

Combine photo services offer a creative and touching way to bring together different moments or people in one image. This could involve merging photos of the deceased at various life stages or combining images of the departed with loved ones who couldn't be together in life. This service creates a powerful visual narrative, symbolizing unity and eternal bonds. Displaying these combined photos at a funeral can provide comfort, showcasing a lifetime of memories and connections in a single, poignant image.

Easel Memorial Service Photo Display

Easel Memorial Service Photo Display

A simple easel memorial is the best way to show a photo during a funeral. You may get a mounted picture poster produced at a professional printing business such as MPix or FedEx, where you can design it yourself or use a template.

Choose an image with sufficient resolution to be printed big. This should ideally be a professional or current digital camera photograph. The resolution of older digital photos or mobile phone images is insufficient for this sort of enlargement. If you don't have a photo that can be printed that large, consider creating a beautiful photo collage.

Resin Photo Memorial Pyramid

Resin Photo Memorial Pyramid

Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

Such a creative and personal approach to a photo memorial. Using this DIY article's thorough directions, create your resin memorial pyramid. There is something unique about constructing a monument with one's own hands. Pour your whole affection and attention into one of these beautiful sculptures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write on a memorial picture?

No words can truly capture the magnitude of our grief at the loss of a loved one. But in the face of such tragedy, it is comforting to know that their memory will live on, always treasured in our hearts. However, some famous quotes are the following:

  • "Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
  • “Gone, but never forgotten.”
  • “You are loved and missed beyond measure.”
  • “Your memory is a keepsake from which we'll never part. God has you in His keeping. We have you in our hearts.
  • "May your loved one's memory be a source of strength and comfort as you navigate through this difficult time."

How do you make a memorial service unique?

You can do a few things to make a memorial service unique. One option is to create a memorial picture for funeral displays. You can either use photos of the deceased or create a collage that includes images and quotes that are meaningful to them. This can be a beautiful way to honor their memory and provide comfort to loved ones.

Another option is to choose an unconventional location for the service. If the deceased had a special place they loved, consider holding the service there. Or if they were passionate about a certain activity, like hiking or biking, consider holding the service at or near one of their favorite spots. This can make the service feel more personal and special for everyone involved.

How do you make a celebration of life special?

If you plan a celebration of life immediately after your loved one's death, you can ensure that all of their friends and family will be able to come and share memories of the deceased. It can also be a time to celebrate the life that was lived rather than mourning the death.

One way to make a celebration of life special is to have guests write down memories or thoughts about the deceased and put them in a book or on a website. You could also ask guests to bring photos or other mementos from happy moments with the deceased. This will help create a visual timeline of their life.

Examples of Funeral Photo Display Ideas

Physical photo displays will provide a lasting reminder of a person. You may build something unique to thank your guests for attending the funeral gathering. Read on to discover the most inventive ideas for memorial photos that can help you memorialize your loved one.

On the other hand, if you have the necessary equipment, a digital photo display is even less expensive than a traditional one. Additionally, if you have developed a digital display, you can view it whenever you like. Additionally, you may share it with your guests to honor your loved ones.

To make an occasion more memorable, a slideshow may be created. You have the option of using a mobile or desktop slideshow maker. If you do not know how to construct slideshows, you can call the funeral home, and they will create a digital presentation with your photos.

Final Thoughts

Since memorial service ideas are nearly unlimited, planning a memorial may feel almost overwhelming. For your and your family's consideration, we have included various interesting and unique memorial service ideas above.

Keep your loved one's memories alive through memory boards or memorial collages to commemorate the warm and fun details of their life. Brace yourself for a lifetime of photos! Additionally, you may try to keep copies of photos in a custom photo book for remembrance, or you may place it on a lovely photo frame.

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