New Media Art: A Guide to the Artists, Trends, and How To Be Involved

New Media Art: A Guide to the Artists, Trends, and How To Be Involved

Over the years, many things changed such as trends and technology. Art trends keep evolving due to artists' creativity and the available resources. And technological innovations redefined what’s possible. Hence, the birth of a new art trend — new media art. Pencils and paintbrushes turned into digital art. New media artists combined creativity and technology to create artwork.


New Media Art: A Guide to the Artists, Trends, and How To Be Involved

Photo by: Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

New media art changed what we all think is “art” and shook the art scene. But what is new media art and how can new media artists create their art? Are there limitations to new media artwork? Get the answers here.

What is New Media art?

The term “new media art” refers to a wide range of contemporary art created, transmitted, or modified using technology. It includes digital art, interactive art, internet art, virtual art, and different artwork created using biotechnology, 3D printing, computer animation, robotics, animation, and the online world. 

How does New Media art compare to Traditional Art?

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Traditional art includes making artwork by hand or physically like pottery, custom canvas painting, music, theater, cinema, architecture, sculptures, and literature. This form of expression has existed for centuries and produced many famous artists and artworks which are typically displayed in museums, galleries, libraries, archives, and theaters. 

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While new media art takes advantage of digital technology, computers, and devices. To create artwork, new media artists usually use tablets to create a digital watercolor family portrait. New media artists can create texture and paint brush strokes on tablets and computers. However, learning traditional art techniques helps the new media artists gain a deeper understanding of mediums, supplies, materials, and techniques to create beautiful new media artworks. 

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New media art redefined the meaning of various traditional artworks like pencil portraits, paintings, and drawings. 

Types of New Media Art

Here are the 4 commonly encountered types of new media art.

Digital Art

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Digital artworks are produced digitally and can still be displayed in galleries and presentations. New media artists utilize computers, softwares, and other electronic devices to create breathtaking digital art. What are some advantages of oil painting produced with technological developments is the digital artist doesn’t have to wait for the paint to dry.

Interactive Art

Interactive art relies on or lets spectators interact, touch, or participate in the artwork. Some interactive installation art lets spectators walk around, over, or through and become part of the artwork. 

Internet Art

Internet art (also called net art) is created on, for, and distributed on the Internet. There are three sub-genres of net art — browser art, software art, and telematic art. Internet art can be interactive, multimedia-based, and/or participatory.

Virtual Art

Virtual art is a form of contemporary art made with data clothes, data gloves, computers, visualization casks, digital sculptures, and more. Virtual reality artists research different forms of art design and interface making them both artists and technologists.

Famous new media artists

Due to the growing popularity of new media art, the list of prominent and amazing new media artists is very long. Here are three of the most popular new media artists, worldwide. 

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik is arguably the founder of new media art. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, and is popular for his quirky multi-screen-based installations and sculptures. Some of his popular immersive installations and creations are Electronic Superhighway: Continental U.S.., Alaska, Hawaii, Video Flag, Lion, Sistine Chapel, and The More, The Better.

Rafaël Rozendaal

Rafaël Rozendaal creates captivating new media art for the internet. He is inspired by the movement and builds stunning, colorful abstracts. A few prominent artworks made by this Dutch-born new media artist are Into Time and Abstract Browsing. You can view his new media artworks at and

Mario Klingemann

Mario Klingemann was a Google Arts and Culture resident before he became a new media artist. He preferred to use neural networks, algorithms, and codes to make his new media artworks. The Memories of Passersby I is what made him get in the headlines. Some of Klingemann’s artworks are Lowpoly Bot, Mona Tweeta, Neural Network portraits, Flickeur, Dada Visualizations, and ScribblerToo.

Impact of new media on the world

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The amazing new media artists and their artworks prove to the world how technological developments can transform the art scene. It doesn’t mean the traditional forms of art, like couple charcoal drawing, painting, sculpture, etc., will become less trendy. New media art just adds to the existing art trends and scenes. It gives other art lovers more options and platforms to admire, show, and view different artworks. 

Challenges and opportunities in new media art

There are many advantages, challenges, and opportunities in new media art. If you’re new to the art scene and want to try becoming a new media artist, here are some things to think about. 


New media artworks can be made using computers, tablets, and phones which almost everyone has. Hence, making new media arts more affordable and accessible for many.

Replicable Work

Because the artworks are viewable on the internet, they became easier to copy. Once the new media art is posted on social media or online, viewers can repost it as their own and sell it themselves.

How to be involved in new media art

If you want to become a new media artist, it's best to identify your niche, target audience, medium, hardware, and software you’ll need. Then, practice making your new media art. Post them online and share with your friends. However, be careful with where and how you showcase your artwork. Posting artwork online makes it easier for others to steal your art.

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