Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Entering the realm of art as a watercolor painting beginner might seem daunting at first. Nevertheless, the mesmerizing charm and the calming process of watercolor painting are worth the learning curve. This art form offers the gift of rendering vibrant masterpieces with the sheer simplicity of pigment and water. Watercolor painting is a beautiful medium for all, from beginners to pro artists.

Watercolor Painting Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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What is Watercolor Painting?

Watercolor painting is an art technique that involves mixing pigments with water to create art. This style is highly regarded for its light, translucent effects and the beautiful gradients that can be made by allowing colors to bleed into each other.

Why is Watercolor Painting a Great Medium for Beginners?

Watercolor painting is an excellent medium for beginners due to its flexibility and forgiving nature. Unlike oil or acrylic painting, you can reactivate watercolor paints with water even after they've dried, allowing you to fix mistakes or modify your work over time. Furthermore, the cleanup is simple–all you need is water to rinse your brushes.

What are Some of the Basic Supplies You Will Need?

To start your watercolor painting journey, here are the basics:

Watercolor Paints

These come in tubes and pans. Both are good options; it just depends on your personal preference. Tube paints are ideal for creating larger works or more vivid pieces, while pan paints are excellent for smaller, more detailed works.


Your brushes are like extensions of your artistic intentions. Having a variety of brushes, in terms of size and type, grants you the freedom to experiment with different strokes and effects. 

Watercolor Paper

Choosing an appropriate watercolor paper is vital, with the paper's weight, measured in pounds, influencing its resistance to water and paint. Lighter papers are affordable but prone to warping, while heavier papers (140 pounds or more) offer better absorption and resilience, serving as a robust canvas for your artwork.

Water and Palette

Water is fundamental in watercolor painting, activating the paint and helping it spread. Maintaining clean water is essential for color purity, which can be achieved using separate jars for brush cleaning and mixing paint. The palette serves as your playground for color blending and dilution, enabling the creation of desired tones and gradients.

Custom Art Options

Consider unique options like a watercolor memorial portrait, watercolor pet portrait, or custom couple watercolor painting to make your art journey more meaningful. These creations can become cherished keepsakes or heartfelt gifts that beautifully convey shared memories and connections. With these customized projects, you're not just painting – you're narrating a story through your art.


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Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Master the Wet-On-Wet Technique

This involves adding wet paint to a wet surface. It allows colors to spread and mix naturally, creating beautiful, unexpected blends. To master this technique, try painting a simple landscape, like a sky at sunset. Allow the different colors to flow together, observe how the hues interact, and create new shades, offering you a wealth of learning and discovery.

Experiment With Washes

Try creating flat washes (even color distribution) and graded washes (gradual color fading) for stunning backgrounds or subtle shading. A flat wash can give your painting a solid base of color, while a graded wash can add depth and realism to your pieces.

Preserve Your Whites

Unlike other painting mediums, you cannot paint over with white in watercolor. Plan your painting to preserve the white of your paper where necessary, as it contributes to the light in your artwork.

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Simple Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Gather Your Supplies

Before starting, ensure you have all the necessary tools. You'll need watercolor paints, brushes, watercolor paper, a palette, and two jars of clean water. Remember, the right tools can greatly enhance your painting experience and results.

Sketch Your Subject

Choose a simple subject like a fruit or a pet, and lightly sketch it onto your watercolor paper. A soft pencil sketch will be an excellent guide without being too conspicuous in your final piece.

Prepare Your Colors

Select a few colors you wish to use in your painting and activate them with a bit of water. Use your palette to mix any colors you want. Remember that watercolor can be layered to create depth and new hues.

Apply Your Base Wash

Prepare a basic wash by diluting your chosen color with water. Using a large brush, apply this wash over your sketch. This base layer sets the overall tone of your painting.

Begin Adding Details

As your base wash dries, you can start adding details. Use smaller brushes and less diluted color to create texture and shadow. Always remember, in watercolor painting, we work from light to dark.

Allow Your Painting to Dry and Sign

Once you're satisfied with your painting, let it dry thoroughly. Remember, watercolor paint can reactivate when wet, so don't rush. Once it's completely dry, sign your painting in the corner with a small brush and some diluted paint.


Is watercolor painting easy for beginners?

Yes, watercolor painting can be easy for beginners, especially with practice and patience. The medium is forgiving; mistakes can often be fixed or covered up.

Can I teach myself watercolor?

Absolutely! There are many resources available online, including tutorial videos and blogs. The key to learning watercolor, like any other art form, is practice.

What do you paint first in watercolor?

In watercolor painting, it's best to start with the lightest colors and work your way to the darkest. It can't be easily lightened once a dark color is applied.

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