Tips for What You Should Bring to a Funeral

Tips for What You Should Bring to a Funeral

We rarely attend funerals, so we don't always know how to act and what to bring to a funeral. Your funeral attire depends on your duties. Bring the deceased's photo and registry book if you're related. Most presents and money go to the family before or after the funeral. Funeral attendees require only themselves. It can be challenging to know what to anticipate if you have never attended a funeral or memorial ceremony before. Read on to know what to bring to a memorial service or funeral.


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What You Should Bring as a Family Member


At the funeral, many families like to put up a picture of the person who died. Family members often bring framed photos or even photo albums for people to look at. You might want to have a favorite photo made into a large poster that can be put on an easel at the funeral. 

Funeral Program

Another important consideration is a printed funeral program, which should be planned ahead of time. It usually includes images of the deceased, a biography, the order of service, and other key information about the ceremony.

Memorial Cards

To distribute to guests before or after the event, you might also want to order memorial cards. These cards typically include a picture of the departed person, their birth and death dates, as well as a poem, a prayer, or some other kind of message. 

What You Should Bring as a Guest

Family Food

While it's common in many families for close friends and relatives to bring treats like cake, cookies, or any other sweet dish for the guests. Even if you don't know the person very well, it is still a nice thing to do. 

Memorial Art Gifts

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Bringing memorial art gifts to the family is another simple way to show your support. You can bring this instead of flowers or in addition to a bouquet. Perhaps you're at a loss on what to do with pictures of departed loved ones. Creating a portrait of it on canvas might be the most sincere option. The sight of a portrait of a deceased loved one might bring comfort to some people going through a period of mourning.

Funeral Etiquette for Flowers

Know The Type of Service and Location 

Know the funeral ceremony and location if you wish to send flowers to your friend's loved one's funeral. You can honor the deceased with flowers in a church or funeral home. The family's home must receive flowers for a cemetery service. Sending flowers to a funeral expresses your condolences.

Bring Appropriate Flowers for Funerals

Your florist can help you decide what kind of flower arrangement will look best at the funeral. But the type of flowers you choose might also depend on your relationship with the person who died and how you knew them.

Funeral Etiquette for Donations

Know How Much You Should Contribute

Any help will be greatly appreciated by the family. You shouldn't give more than you can afford, and you shouldn't feel bad if you can't. If you were going to send flowers, give at least as much as you would have spent on an arrangement.

Know When You Should Give the Money

Offer the money immediately. If you missed the funeral or found out too late, try to donate as soon as possible. The family needs money quickly for funeral plots, caskets, flowers, and services.

Know How You Should Give your Donation 

If the family has requested a donation to a specific group or organization, check for donation instructions on the organization's website. If the family has started a GoFundMe or other group donation for funeral expenses, feel free to submit your donation electronically through that channel. 

What to take to a funeral to remain comfortable?

It may be to help you or someone else deals with the event's emotional toll. To ensure your physical comfort during the service. Whatever your reason, take tissue, sunglasses, an umbrella, and suitable footwear to a funeral.

Who can watch a funeral live stream?

Watching a live stream of a funeral is similar to attending the funeral in person. As a general guideline, if going in person is appropriate, then watching the live stream is appropriate if visiting in person is impossible.

What should I wear to a funeral?

Whenever in doubt, go with black, the standard mourning color. However, this is not the only shade you can pick. Colors like gray, blue, and violet are generally accepted as well.

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Even in the absence of our loved ones, we can still find a way to honor them. At times like this, it’s important to remember their legacy and cherish the memories they left behind. Bringing something meaningful to the funeral, it allows us to donate our love and appreciation for all that has been done. Ultimately, whatever gift you choose will express your love and respect for their life, whether small or elaborate. To make the best decision possible, consider what memorial item might mean the most to them before making your final choice. Visit Memorialize Art for more memorial gift ideas.

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