A Guide to Pricing Your Digital Artwork 2023

A Guide to Pricing Your Digital Artwork 2023

Many digital artists started this type of art as a pastime for extra income. Some didn't know that art commission prices are also applicable for digital art. Whether you are a beginner artist, a freelance artist, or an experienced artist, learning how to price digital art can provide you with passive income.

If you don't know how to price your art yet, this article can be your guide in implementing a fair price range for your art collection.

A Guide to Pricing Your Digital Artwork 2023

Digital Art Pricing Models

Hourly Rate

Instead of setting a fixed price for a specific artwork, the artist calculates their fee based on the estimated project completion time. The hourly wage considers various factors, including the complexity of the artwork, the artist's skill level and experience, the tools and software used, and other considerations specific to the project.

If you have no idea how to price art, a per-hour rate has a simple formula that can give you a price estimate for your art piece.

Digital Art Commission Price

The commission price for a piece of art can be a fixed amount agreed upon by the artist for hire and the potential client. For example, a cat digital art has a fair starting price of $50 but may increase when it is highly detailed or made as a digital painting.

Commission guidelines or pricing details are available on artist websites or social media platforms if you need to learn about art commissions prices.


Artists can keep complete control of their digital products through licensing while allowing others to use them commercially under certain conditions. The license specifies the permitted uses of a single piece of art, its length, any limits or restrictions, and any base costs that may be due.

Tips for Selecting The Best Pricing Model for Your Art

Check Prices at Online Marketplaces, Social Media Platforms, or Art Community

These platforms have an active community that reflects the industry standards and expectations regarding pricing. These sites offer a lot of information about price trends and market demands. They give you real-time information about sales and deals, so you can see what people are willing to pay for different kinds of art.

Consult Your Fellow Artists

Pricing is something that every artist approaches differently. The process of seeking advice from others might broaden your perspective and prompt you to think about elements you had overlooked before. They usually know what's happening in the market and how to price your art. 

Use an Art Price Calculator

An art price calculator may guide artists who need to learn how much to sell a painting for. The calculator generates a proposed average price range for your finished piece based on the information you enter about its dimensions, medium, and level of complexity. 

As a result, the pricing process becomes less biased and more objective. Whether it is a dog digital art or a digital family portrait, every artwork has its value.

Factors That Influence Pricing Decisions

Custom Cat Watercolor Painting

Cost of Materials

Artists may need to purchase specialized digital tools and software to create and refine their works. The price of this hardware and software and its update should be considered when deciding on the sale price of the digital artwork.

Cost of Printing

Digital artworks may be printed on paper, canvas, or other surfaces using printing equipment and ink. Digital prints of a better grade, with faithful color reproduction, crisp details, and archival qualities, typically sell for more. 

Time Investment

Making digital artwork is lengthy and comprises several steps, such as brainstorming, drawing, digital rendering, polishing, and finalization. When creating a single piece, a professional artist frequently invests a significant amount of time, sometimes even days, into their labor. 

Complexity of Artwork

Creating complex digital art may require specialized tools, software, or resources to achieve the desired level of detail and intricacy. Digital brushes, textures, reference materials, and third-party software are all options for artists looking to add depth or combine photos in a single artwork.

Pricing Strategies for Digital Art

Tiered Pricing

A tiered pricing strategy for digital art involves offering different pricing options or tiers for the same artwork based on various factors such as exclusivity or features. It allows for a range of possible price points while accurately reflecting the artwork's worth.

Limited Edition Pricing

The artist uses this pricing method to emphasize the rarity of their work by limiting the total number of pieces that will ever be produced. The artist may issue a certificate of authenticity alongside each work in a limited edition. 

Fixed Base Price

Fixed-base price makes the pricing process clear and easy to understand. The starting price is clearly stated, making it easier for buyers to determine how much the art is worth. There are no changing prices or discussions, making the buying process easier for the artist and the person who wants to buy.

Final Thoughts

Pricing your digital art is an essential part of your journey as an artist. Continuously assessing and refining your pricing strategy will help you stay competitive and ensure that your prices accurately reflect the value you bring to your artwork.

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