Workplace Support: 6 Ideas for Condolence Gift for Coworkers

Workplace Support: 6 Ideas for Condolence Gift for Coworkers

The average person spends more time at work than at home. This means you might be spending more time with your colleagues than your kids, spouse, and family members. As a result, workmates tend to get to know each other, share stories, and become friends. That’s why most coworkers can feel when a coworker lost their loved ones. And when this happens, it’s difficult to find the right words to say. Giving a condolences gift for coworker is easier and more convenient.

Workplace Support: 6 Ideas for Condolence Gift for Coworkers

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Here’s a round-up with 6 appropriate sympathy gift ideas for your colleague, aside from a sympathy card.

Family Portrait Or Photo

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A photo or custom graphite portrait captures happy memories and immortalizes the moment. That’s why family photos and portraits are great condolences gift for coworker that lost a loved one. They’ll remind your coworker of the happy times they spent together whenever they miss the deceased. 

Add Deceased Loved One To Photo

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But if you can’t find a complete family photo, you can add deceased loved one to the photo and print it. Put the picture in a frame and wrap it. Your coworker will surely appreciate this thoughtful gift. 

If you’re an artist, you can do a painting. Painting loved ones yourself will make this sympathy gift for coworker more caring.


Flowers are the most appropriate sympathy gift for coworkers because each type of flower has its own special meaning. Check the meaning of the flower and select the right type. White flowers are typically used for sympathy bouquets such as white roses, daisies, carnations, and peace lilies. These flowers symbolize peace and serenity which is perfect for losing a special person. You can also give chrysanthemums, gladioli, orchids, daffodils, tulips, and forget-me-nots.

But before you give flowers to your bereaved coworker, it’s best to check if they have any allergies or have any preferences for flowers. If your coworker is not into flowers, skip the flowers and go for other condolences gift for coworker options.

Good Book

Losing someone special and grieving is never easy. But when you’re reading a good book, you can forget the sadness you’re feeling, even for a short time. If your coworker is an avid reader, giving a good book is a good option. For someone who lost a loved one, finding ways to escape the pain or forget for a while can help them heal and recover. And by reading, your coworker can escape the hurt and concentrate on what they’re reading. 

Try to find what genre of book or which author your coworkers love to read. If you can’t find a good book written by their favorite author or in the genre they’re fond of, go for self-help books to help them heal and overcome their pain.

Food Basket

Feeding good food to people’s stomachs is a sure way to make them smile and be happy. There’s no need to make the food basket too complicated. Choose the foods, delicacies, and snacks your coworker enjoys and turn them into a food basket. Some ready-made food baskets might not let the customer choose which products to add. It’s best to put them together yourself so you can add their favorites.

Self-Care Gift Baskets

It’s easy to forget to look after yourself when you’re drowning in grief and sadness. They’re too focused on the death of a loved one and busy with the memorial service. That’s why giving a self-care sympathy gift box to your coworker who lost a special someone is a good reminder to look after themselves. 

Look for relaxing products such as body lotions, soaps, scented candles, bath bombs, body scrubs, bath salts, lip balms, hand creams, and more. Before putting products together, check whether your coworker will like them. Not all people like to wear lip balm or take long, relaxing baths. 


Losing someone special is a sad event. The healing and grief process takes time. Some people need a few months to go back to their usual routine while others take years. Several studies show that writing your feelings, experiences, and thoughts down helps the bereaved person deal with their emotions and process their feelings. Hence, giving your coworker a journal where they can write everything without being judged is a good idea.

Gift Card

Each person has their own preferences and hobbies. If you can’t find the perfect condolences gift for coworker, just give them a gift card. Ensure the gift card you’re giving can be used by your coworker while they’re grieving. If they have a hobby or an activity they’ve been putting off for so long, give them a gift card they should immediately use for this specific activity.


How much should I contribute to a coworker's bereavement gift?

It depends on how much you can give. There’s no limit or minimum amount to give to a coworker when they lost a loved one. Any amount will surely be much appreciated.

How to choose a sympathy gift for coworker?

Photo Manipulation

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Knowing what your coworker prefers, hobbies, and habits help narrow down your condolences gift for coworker. But if you don’t know these, something memorable or heartwarming like a printed photo is a good choice. You can use photo manipulation to put two pictures together.

What makes a custom gift a good bereavement gift for coworker?

Custom Canvas Painting

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A custom canvas painting, mug, card, wind chimes, or ornament feels more personal. Also, your coworker knows you put time and effort into personalizing their gift making them feel comforted, special, and happy.


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