4 Sketching Tips to Elevate Your Skills (Beginner-Friendly)

4 Sketching Tips to Elevate Your Skills (Beginner-Friendly)

Many artists aspire to sketch correctly and then bring their creations to life.  But the experience of staring at a blank page and lacking the ability to move forward is definitely excruciating. Incorporating tried-and-true sketching strategies and techniques into your creative routine will benefit the final product. Therefore, we have compiled a list of useful sketching techniques to assist you in growing your skills, whether you are starting out or an advanced artist.

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Know Your Pens

One of the most important sketching tips is to start your sketch with the right pencil. The side of the pencil shows how hard the graphite is: 'B' pencils are softer, 'H' pencils are harder, and 'HB' pencils are in the middle. Below are some of the pens use for sketching:

Faber-Castell Graphite Sketch Wood Pencil Set

The pencils are popular in studios for their silky lead, even transitions, and consistent wood casing. Due to finely powdered graphite and clay, even the softer pencils stay sharp. 

Prismacolor Premier Illustration Markers

These Prismacolor markers perform more like pens than markers. These artist pens have exceptionally strong tips.

Pentel Brush Pen 

The Pentel Brush Pen is a close second to our favorite all-around pen for drawing. It has durable synthetic bristles, a strong, precise tip, and ink that won't run or fade. 

General’s Kimberly Graphite Pencil Kit

For beginners, the pencils include a dense Ceylon graphite core and a treated cedar case to withstand pressure. 

Drawing Ideas for Beginners

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Landscapes are great drawing ideas for beginners because they give you a chance to practice shading, texture, perspective, and detail. 


When you're just starting out, it's a lot of fun to try out different colors on the wings of a butterfly through mixing various kinds of art supplies.


You learn better about shapes and spatial relationships by drawing food items. They are a great subject for artwork since they are still and timeless. 

Faces and Expressions

While it's true that creating a complete character can be overwhelming at first, you can get comfortable with the process by initially focusing on drawing faces and their expressions. With a little time and practice, you'll be able to capture a wide range of emotions.

Best Sketching Tips for Beginners

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Learn to Hold a Pencil

There are a variety of methods to hold a pencil while drawing for starters. Once you have a little more drawing experience, it will depend on what you find most comfortable at each stage of the sketching process.

Break Subjects Down

There's a reason why many drawing books show you how to make complex shapes out of simple ones.If you want to get better at drawing, look closely at pictures to learn the shapes that make them up. 

Draw What You See

When sketching a subject look at it as a collection of its parts. Think of the curves, lines, and angles that compose them. Study the items so that you can sketch them.

70/30 Rule Application

The 70/30 guideline aids in the composition of powerful pieces. The concept is that the major emphasis and details should take up 30% of your sketch, while the remaining 70% should be filled up with filler. The principle of less is among the most important sketching advice. 


What is the easiest thing to sketch for beginners?

There are many beautiful sketch drawing ideas, but if you're just starting off, you shouldn't try to draw anything complicated right away. You may begin by drawing the food you enjoy. In addition to drawing food, you can also draw flowers, trees, or your preferred cartoon animal. As you begin your road toward becoming a great artist, these sketch drawing ideas may be of great help.

How do you start beginner sketching?

The first thing you should do as a beginner sketcher is to learn about your tools. In addition, you should begin with simplified large shapes and leave details for later. Learn how to hold your pencil properly for drawing. Using references will help you improve your observational abilities and hand-eye coordination. Finally, make it a habit to sketch.

What does F stand for in pencils?

In the same way that HB pencils are the best tools to use when writing, F pencils are also an excellent choice. You can also use an F pencil for any kind of accurate freehand drawing you want to create. This is because the tip of an F pencil is somewhat pointier and more durable than the tip of an HB pencil.

The Bottomline 

Sketching can be relaxing, and when you're done, it's pretty cool to see what you've made. Understanding the value of sketching can serve as a powerful motivator. You'll only appreciate drawing more if you put effort into honing your skills, whether it's for enjoyment or to advance your job.

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