Things to Consider When Finding Portrait Artists for Hire

Things to Consider When Finding Portrait Artists for Hire

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Want to hire an artist to paint a picture for you? Don’t just randomly commission any artist you encounter! You must consider various things before hiring an artist for custom painting. There are many businesses and portrait artists for hire offering painting services all over the globe. However, you can’t expect everyone offering portrait painting services to provide the same high quality you require. You must check whether the artist or business can provide the required services and portrait painting.

Here are a few things you need to consider before you hire an artist to paint a picture for you!

Why People Commission Artists for Customized Portraits

Portrait artists are the ones who are experienced, knowledgeable, and talented in creating outstanding portrait paintings. They can paint the exact or close resemblance to their subject's face, depending on your preferences and requirements. Artists have an eye for detail, creativity, style, and experience that lets them create the portrait painting you need.

Also, making portrait painting is a skill. If you don’t have a talent for portrait painting, it will be hard for you to make a portrait yourself. 

Hiring Portrait Artists: Things to Consider

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A portrait artist has the ability to capture the likeness, emotion, expression, and essence of their subject. Their medium can be watercolor, pastels, inks, charcoal, etc. Before you hire an artist to paint a picture, it is best to keep in mind these 5 things to avoid disappointment, hassle, and stress.

Work Experience

You’ll want to hire an artist to paint a picture with experience or a portfolio to show. A portfolio can help you identify if the artist's style fits your preferences. Also, it shows that the artist can be trusted.


Every portrait artist has their own rate, which varies from artist to artist. The rate can start from as low as $50 to $20,000, depending on the artist’s experience. Before you hire an artist to paint a picture, determine how much you can pay, then narrow down your options.


Some artists specialize in specific styles and types of portrait painting, like traditional, lifestyle, candid, conceptual, or surreal. If you have a specific style and type in mind, search for portrait artists who are professionally trained and experienced in that to get the results you require.


Each portrait artist has their own style, which you can see in all the paintings. To check whether the artist's style fits your preferences, look closely at their portfolio.


This is a double edge sword. The better the reputation of the portrait artist is, the higher their rate will be. Before you hire an artist to paint a picture for you, decide whether it is necessary to have an outstanding reputation connected to your portrait painting.

Qualities to Look for in a Portrait Artist

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Aside from the skills and talent for portrait painting, artists should also have the right qualities and character to create amazing portraits and stay in business. Here are 5 qualities to look for in a portrait artist.


Portrait painting requires a lot of patience and calmness. Customers or clients tend to have many requirements; some are even more demanding. It is best to look for an artist with a lot of patience so you can explain all your requirements. This is very important, especially if you don’t have any experience working with portrait artists.


Passion motivates portrait artists to draw and do their art (aside from money). It is what drives an artist to create art, even if the client is challenging or there is no reason to do so. The artist needs to have the desire to make portrait paintings to showcase their talent and skills.


It is essential for artists to have the perseverance to continue making their art even if it is difficult, challenging, or they are not in the mood to paint. This quality is also beneficial to hone their talent and learn new skills.


Passion, perseverance, and patience must have the discipline to work. The artist must be disciplined enough to reach deadlines and create the quality portrait painting you require.


Small details can make or break a portrait painting. Every wrinkle, smile, or gesture tells a story, including glare, shadow, lights, etc. A portrait painting needs to capture and record every detail of the subject. When you hire an artist to paint a picture, it should capture the whole package. 

Why Choose Memorialize Art

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Searching for professional and experienced portrait artists is challenging. You might encounter many difficulties if you don’t know where to look. Artists and companies providing portrait painting services offer varying rates. Balancing the rate, skills, style, and quality is difficult. 

By working with Memorialize Art, you can be sure that the portrait painting you ordered is checked for quality assurance, made by a reputable and skilled artist, and fits your budget. We are a reputable and experienced company with talented and detail-oriented portrait artists.