7 Consoling Memorial Gifts for Loss of Husband

7 Consoling Memorial Gifts for Loss of Husband

Losing someone an individual has vowed to spend the rest of their life with is unimaginably heartbreaking. That’s why when someone you know loses their beloved husband, it can be difficult to know what to say or do to offer comfort. So what exactly can you tell a widow/widower going through an extremely difficult time in their life?

Sometimes, the best way to show support is with a small gesture. Perhaps you’re thinking of sending them a sympathy gift but don’t know what to get them. If you're looking for sympathy gifts for the loss of a husband, check out this list. These thoughtful presents will comfort and remind a grieving friend of their loved one’s life.

Checking Up on Someone Who Lost Their Husband

Often, it’s hard to know what to say or what to do for someone who lost their husband. However, even if it may seem like a terrible idea to approach them, it’s better to reach out still to let them know that you’re there during these difficult times.

When you want to check up on someone who lost their beloved husband, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to say anything lengthy. You don’t even have to give advice necessarily. In most cases, just being present and showing that you care is enough. You can ask them how they’re doing and offer support by telling them that they can call you or that you can visit their house if they need anything.

Expressing Sympathy With Thoughtful Gifts

A kind gesture to show that you sympathize with a grieving friend is giving them some thoughtful gifts. These won’t speed up their healing process, but they send the message that you’re thinking and caring about them. It can remind them that they don’t have to deal with their grief alone.

When thinking of an appropriate gift for someone you know, consider what they need or appreciate and think about their background. For example, if your friend isn’t very religious, then you should avoid giving them something related to religion. But if they are, you can consider a gift with a spiritual quote or figure that would be meaningful for them.

Taking these into consideration, here are seven gift ideas for someone who lost a beloved husband:

7 Memorial Gifts for Loss of Husband

Painted Portrait

It’s well-known that art can be something that can provide comfort. You can apply the same idea when you want to give someone a memento that honors their husband. This portrait can be framed and displayed anywhere in their house and can remind them of fond memories they have of their late husband.

If you have a knack for painting, you could paint the portrait yourself. Otherwise, the Memorialize Art team can help you develop the portrait you want to give as a heart-warming memento.

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Sympathy Wind Chimes

Another personal gift you can consider giving is sympathy wind chimes for the loss of a husband. There’s something comforting about hearing wind chimes in general, but having them in honor of a loved one is a lovely gift. This long-lasting gift can be a beautiful reminder of their late husband and their cherished memories whenever a soft breeze blows. 

You can personalize these by engraving a message or design that you think would be meaningful for the bereaved person. For example, you can consider an activity they used to do with their beloved husband and choose a logo that best captures this shared interest.

Memory Box

Another lovely memory gift you can consider is a memory box. This box may be a simple gift, but it can help the bereaved collect and display their deceased husband's keepsakes. Perhaps they have memorial photos, letters, pieces of jewelry, and others items that they might want to keep around. Giving them this heartfelt gift can allow them to keep these all in one place.

Like the wind chines, you can make a memory box more personal by engraving something on its exterior, whether it be the name of the deceased, their favorite quote, or a comforting message. 

memory box
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Weighted Blanket

Besides the previously mentioned mementos, you can also consider giving your friend some practical or sympathy gifts to help them get by. One of these options is a weighted blanket gift. These are therapeutic blankets with healing benefits that help a person feel calmer due to the added weight.

This blanket won’t permanently rid them of the emotional stress that they’re feeling, but it could help them feel relaxed and sleep at least once after a long day.

Homemade Food

You can also whip something up yourself and give them homemade food. Often, when a person is grieving, they might not have the energy or capacity to cook food for themselves or others. Through this meaningful gesture, you can definitely help a friend by giving them food they can quickly eat.

Giving casseroles to grieving friends or family members is common since these can easily be eaten, stored, and reheated. You don’t necessarily have to make a casserole, but it would be best to consider making something similar that your friend can easily store and reheat whenever.

Self-care Box/Basket

Another way to show someone that you care is by giving them a box or gift basket that they can use to have a moment for themself. When someone's going through deep grief over losing a beloved person, they might have a tough time doing something personal. This simple yet meaningful gift can serve as a gentle reminder to take care of themself someday too. 

This lovely gift box or basket can include some scented candles, essential oils, or skincare items, among others. 

Cleaning Service Gift Certificate

Finally, you can take some extra weight off your friend’s shoulders by giving them a cleaning service gift certificate. Again, when someone experiences intense grief over losing their deceased husband, they might not be able to stick to their previous routine, including keeping their place clean.

Providing this certificate is a thoughtful gesture that can help keep their living space clean without them exerting extra effort during this tough time.

Have Other Personalized Gifts in Mind?

The grieving process is never easy, so supporting someone who lost their beloved husband can mean a lot. We hope that this list of sympathy gifts will help you choose what to gift your loved one. If you are looking for other alternative gift ideas or want to find different types of memorial art, please reach out to us. Our team is here to help you come up with a beautiful gift. 

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