6 Dedicated Memorial Gifts To Someone Who Lost Their Son

6 Dedicated Memorial Gifts To Someone Who Lost Their Son

Losing a child is a painful experience that no parent should go through. The pain can be too much, and it seems like life will never be the same. If you know somebody going through this grieving process, you might think of the right things to do or say. Although there is no way to make the pain go away, there are ways you can show this person that you care. 

One thing you can consider doing is getting memorial gifts for the loss of a son. A gift made in loving memory of their child can help a grieving family go through this challenging time in life. Comforting gifts can also show the bereaved that you are thinking of them. 

Read on to find some memorial gift ideas that can be given to someone who has lost their son.

How Do You Choose Which Memorial Gifts to Give Out?

Before we list down the gifts for loss that to consider, it's important first to understand how you can choose the best one. Choosing the appropriate bereavement gift can be difficult, but generally, any thoughtful gift that considers the loved one and the recently deceased would often be suitable. 

When thinking of memorial gift ideas, think of the bereaved and what you think could best help them cope during this tumultuous time. For example, if you think your friend is someone who would want to keep a memento of their child close to them at all times, you can consider memorial jewelry they can easily carry around. On the other hand, if you think your friend loves writing, a customized journal with their child's name would be better.

Remember, you don't have to think of something too grand or expensive. In most cases, it's better to keep things simple as long as it's personal. 

Why Is It Important to Have Appropriate Memorial Presents?

It's important to choose the appropriate gifts for loss as these items can help the bereaved go through the grieving process while keeping the memories of their child close to their hearts. Your choice of gift also tells the bereaved, even implicitly, that you're there to show your love and support.

With that, here are seven sympathy gifts you can give to a parent who lost their son. 

6 Things to Dedicate for a Person Who Lost Their Son

Memorial Garden Stone

People often find peace whenever they go out to their gardens. Having a personalized memorial garden stone can help your friend feel comforted as they recall memories with their son. You can engrave their child's name or look for memorial sayings for a son. 

Personalized Wind Chimes

Another personalized gift that you can consider is wind chimes. Similar to the memorial garden stone, there's a sense of comfort whenever a soft breeze blows past the wind chimes that can remind them of the person they loved.

Instead of generic wind chimes, you can turn them into a more meaningful gift by personalizing their design. For example, you can use the "in loving memory of" phrase with the deceased's name or have a design that your friend can associate with their son. 

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Engraved Jewelry

Engraved jewelry is one of the most popular gifts to give someone who lost a son. This could either be a gift necklace, ring, or bracelet. To make the memento personal, you can engrave the name or initials of the deceased on the piece of memorial jewelry. For rings, you can engrave it on the ring itself, while you can engrave it on pendants or charms for necklaces or bracelets.

Weighted Stuffed Toy

Much like the concept of a weighted blanket, a weighted stuffed toy can help a person feel a bit relaxed during a stressful event. For example, if the parent lost a baby or a child, this toy could serve as a comforting memento. 

Depending on how close you are to the bereaved and if they would be fine with it, you can use an article of their child's clothing as the toy material. Alternatively, the toy can come with a pendant with their child's initials engraved on it.

Personalized Letter Journal

Another gift that not only memorializes someone but also can help the bereaved express their emotions is a personalized letter journal. These journals are used as a space for someone to write letters they would want to send to their child. 

It's also an excellent gift if you know your friend enjoys writing. You can make it more personalized to act as a memento by having the cover's design reflect something about the deceased, their name, initials, or a symbol that the parent can associate with their child.

Charity Donation

Finally, you can also honor the deceased by donating to charity in their memory. Usually, you'll find a note from the surviving family to make donations “in lieu of flowers." If they indicate what charity they want you to support, it's best to respect their decisions and donate to the particular charity or organization. 

On the other hand, if the family asks you to donate to a charity of your choice, you can look for an organization that supports people with conditions similar to the one the deceased faced. For example, if a mother loses a child due to birth complications, you can donate to a charity that helps neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients. 

Watercolor Memorial Portrait

Watercolor portrait paintings make heartwarming sympathy gifts because they capture the essence of a person in a beautiful and unique way. Unlike photographs, watercolor portraits are hand-painted, giving each painting a one-of-a-kind look. What's more, because they're painted on watercolor paper, these portraits often have a soft and delicate look that is particularly touching in times of grief.

If you're looking for an extra special way to show your condolences, a watercolor portrait might be the perfect choice.

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4 Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Memorial Gift


When choosing a memorial gift, you should first ensure that you're not being insensitive to the parent's religion or whether they do adhere to one or not. For example, while some religions commonly give flowers during funerals, it's not appropriate to do this for Jewish funerals. 

The same consideration applies to personalized gifts. For example, if you know that the parent is not religious, it would be best not to give them gifts with religious quotes or references.


Similarly, you need to consider the culture of the person grieving. Different countries have different customs when it comes to funerals and memorializing the deceased. If you're unsure about something, you can always ask those who are close to the bereaved or do a quick search about their culture online.

Age of the Deceased

Knowing the age of the deceased when they passed away is also a factor you should consider. For example, if a parent lost their son at a young age, a teddy bear is a beautiful gift to consider. On the other hand, if they lost their son at a mature age, you can choose a design that suits them when personalizing a different gift.

Personality of the Bereaved

Lastly, it's important to consider what the parent you're giving a gift to would like or need. For example gardening rock is most appropriate if they love gardening. In contrast, you shouldn't give them personalized jewelry if they don't wear a lot of jewelry. Whatever you think can help this parent best as they go through this loss would be the best gift.

What Should You Say to a Parent Who Lost Their Son?

Now, besides giving gifts, you may be wondering what you can say when you want to check up on your friend or offer a message of sympathy. The sad truth is there really are no words that can take away the pain of a grieving mother or father. So with that, you don’t have to think of advice or words of encouragement that you believe could speed up their grieving process. 

Instead, the best way to approach a parent who lost their son is by offering your sincere condolence. Just a simple “I’m so sorry for your loss” can let them know that they’re not alone in this challenging time. 

You can also offer support by letting them know you’ve got their back should they need help with anything. For example, they might need help with house tasks they could not pay attention to. Letting them know that they can rely on you would be much appreciated. 

5 Helpful Tips for Giving Memorial Gifts for the Loss of Someone's Son

Be Empathetic

You don’t have to try and feel the same way a grieving parent feels. However, a little empathy can go a long way to help understand what appropriate gift to give the bereaved. This would help you understand what gift you think the parent would want to receive. 

Make It Personal

Working on a personal gift is also another tip you can consider. While it’s okay to give a generic present, such as a garden stone with a random thoughtful quote, your memorial gift can be much more meaningful if you personalize this to honor their deceased son, specifically. 

Include a Message

Besides the gift itself, you can also express your deepest sympathy by attaching a message or note with the memorial gift. The message does not have to be long as long as it captures how much you care for the bereaved. 

Pick the Best Time

It’s also essential that you choose the right time to give these gifts. For example, if a parent is still in shock or denial about what happened, perhaps it’s not the best time to give them something that would remind them of the deceased. Some people decide to give gifts during a funeral, while some choose to give a memorial gift during a death anniversary. It’s best to determine the situation first and understand what the bereaved is feeling about their loss before you send them your memorial gift. 

Don't Spend More Than You’re Comfortable With

Lastly, keep in mind that you don’t need to pressure yourself to give an extravagant gift or donate a considerable amount. Whatever the gift may be, expensive or not, it would mean a lot as long as it’s heartfelt and sincere.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Memorial Presents

What to Say to a Mother Who Lost Her Grown Son?

As mentioned previously, you can express your sympathy and let the mother know you’re there for her should she need help. While others need to look up some “mother grieving loss of son quotes” online, this isn’t really necessary. Regardless of the age of their son when they passed away, just letting the mother know that you’re thinking of her during this challenging time is still a good message to send. 

What Is an Appropriate Memorial Gift?

An appropriate memorial gift is something that respects and considers all the factors mentioned earlier and honors the deceased in a personal way. 

What to Fo for a Mother Who Lost Her Child?

Besides giving gifts and sending messages, you can offer help to a grieving mother. For example, if they need help with cooking or cleaning, you can reach out to assist them with these tasks. Also, if you have the emotional capacity, you can offer a shoulder for them to cry on and listen to their stories or thoughts. 

See What Kind of Memorialized Gifts You Can Give With Memorialize Art

After reading through the various gift ideas and considerations, perhaps you’re still looking for alternatives or have creative gifts in mind. If you’re thinking of giving a handmade painting or drawing of the deceased, the Memorialize Art team can help you come up with this perfect gift. Please reach out and let us know how we can help!

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