30 Best New Year's Gift For Any Husband

30 Best New Year's Gift For Any Husband

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After being married for a while, you could be at a loss for what to get your husband for the holidays. If you've asked him what sort of present he would like a few times, you could have heard the response "anything will do," which makes it even more difficult to come up with a suitable present. The good news is that we're here today to help you come up with a wide variety of gifts for your dear spouse, from practical necessities to unique artwork. So just sit back and let us assist you in finding the perfect present. Continue reading. 

Custom Family Portrait Painting

custom family portrait

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Nothing beats a gift that is uniquely yours. That said, the best husband gift you could give to your partner is a custom family portrait. This present is fully customizable, so you could pick any picture you want, such as a photo of your family’s most memorable trip. 

Smart Wallet

smart wallet

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This smart wallet has a few card slots that are very practical since they spring out at the touch of a button. With its thin profile and selection of different colors, you'll be able to find the one that will suit your husband's taste. Gift it in conjunction with the optional wallet tracker, so he can keep tabs on his funds at all times. 

Portable Blender

portable blender

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If your husband loves smoothies, then this could be the perfect husband gift idea. Whether he's in the workplace, the gym, or on the road, a portable blender will let him whip up his favorite beverage in one go. Make sure to opt for a portable blender that is powerful, durable, and high-quality. 

Massage Gun

massage gun

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Some husbands' work requires physical strength. And the most thoughtful gift for these husbands is a massage gun. He deserves to unwind and rejuvenate physically and mentally after a long day. If you really want to go all out, you might even volunteer to massage him, everytime he wants to. 



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You could never go wrong with a sneaker as a gift for your husband. The sneaker would take his style to the next level, whether he's heading to the office, seeing friends, or hitting the gym. Find a pair that complements his taste while also providing adequate comfort.

Insulated Tumbler

insulated tumbler

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An insulated tumbler would be a great present for a husband who enjoys working out, playing sports, or going on outdoor adventures. This might serve as a constant reminder to him to drink water and maintain proper hydration. 

Craft Beer Subscription

craft beer subscription

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When thinking of presents for a husband who is notoriously difficult to buy for, a subscription service, like Craft Beer Club, can be a great option. They'll ship your hubby a case of 12 or 24 premium beers from all around the country. And all he has to do is sit on his sofa and go brewery hopping.                                        

Personalized Cutting Board

personalized cutting board

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A customized cutting board would be a kind and useful present for your husband. Engraved this with his initials and a short message. It will definitely motivate him to prepare scrumptious dishes.

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds

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A wireless earbud could be an ideal gift idea for husbands who love listening to music on the go. Choose a pair of wireless earbuds with several desirable characteristics, such noise cancellation, spatial audio, and an attractive appearance. Also make sure the earphones are comfortable for him to use for long periods of time. 

Scented Candle

scented candle

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You should also give your hubby a break! Make his home workplace more pleasant by giving him a fragrant candle. Choose an aroma that he would like from the variety of available options. 

Dog Portrait

dog portrait

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If your husband has had his own pet from childhood, consider giving him his own dog’s portrait. This can capture his buddy’s essence realistically and he’ll surely be thrilled to display this in your home. 



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Sunglasses are a thoughtful gift for your husband, especially if he likes to spend his time outdoors. Opt for one with a stylish design to elevate his look and a protection against the harmful UV rays. 



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A stylish necklace can elevate any outfit and could be the perfect special gift for your husband. They come in a variety of designs and materials, so make sure to pick one that matches his style. He’ll definitely wear them as his daily accessory.

Customized Puzzle

customized puzzle

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A cute and sentimental gift for your husband, this customized puzzle could be his favorite vacation spot or a picture of your most memorable moment together. This gift could also serve as an opportunity to bond together.

Skincare Collection

skincare collection

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Self care is for everyone–and that includes your husband. Get him a nice set of skincare collections to help keep his skin look healthy. This could also serve as his motivation to do an everyday skin regimen. Just be sure to choose those that are suitable for his skin type.

Sports Event Ticket

sports event ticket

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If your husband is an avid sports fan, a ticket to one of his favorite sports games is the perfect husband gift idea. A few minutes are all it takes to buy and print your own event tickets. It builds anticipation for game day and is simple and fast.

Romantic Getaway

romantic getaway

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A peaceful night out in nature would be the perfect present for your husband. If you and your lover have both been a bit busy with regular life, this is a great chance to get back in touch. Also, it's a great way to ring in the new year together. 

Personalized Funko Pop

personalized funko pop

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For about $40, you can get him a customized Funko Pop figurine! To make it resemble him to a T, you'll have to pick out the perfect outfit, shoes, and other accessories. This could be a fun and cute gift for your husband that he could proudly display in his office desk. 

Memory Foam Slippers

memory foam slippers

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Husbands sometimes fail to remember to treat themselves to small comforts that might make a big difference, like a pair of warm slippers. Now is the perfect moment to put in a little effort and treat your husband to a pair of memory foam slippers. 

Mini Projector

mini projector

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You might want to consider getting your spouse a tiny projector if he enjoys viewing movies in his spare time. With this, he will get to transform his binge-watching into an immersive theater experience. You may spend quality time together and strengthen your relationship in this way as well.

Father Vector Art

father vector art

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Give the father of your child the best husband gift he could ever have. Commission a father vector art for him and customize it according to his preferences. You may opt to customize this using the picture of him and his children from when they were younger. It’ll surely bring back good memories.

Smart Watch

smart watch

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The perfect present for the husband who is constantly on the move would be a smartwatch. You should choose one that has useful functions like a heart rate monitor, step counter, and voice control system. If his job doesn't always allow him to check his phone, this will be a lifesaver for him. 



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One thing is certain: everyone loves to smell good. A thoughtful gift, like his favorite cologne, might be a wonderful present for your husband. Additionally, it would be thoughtful to provide him with a high-end fragrance that he has been longing for. He'll be really thrilled!

Dash Cam

dash cam

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If his car still doesn’t have one, then it’s time to give him a high quality dash cam. This car accessory will help him get rid of the blind spots, making sure he’s safe at all times.

Electric Trimmer

electric trimmer

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He would appreciate a nice shave as a present. Whether he's trimming his privates or not-so-privates, this trimmer's ceramic blades will do the job without causing any harm to his skin. Get him a shaving cream as well. 

Mobile Game Controller

mobile game controller

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A mobile gaming controller would be the perfect husband present for the guy who likes playing games on his mobile device. His favorite phone games will fit snugly within his smartphone with this. This device is perfect for taking with him wherever he goes.

Snack Basket

snack basket

Photo by Freddie Collins 

The holidays are a season for overindulgence and unhealthy eating. Arrange a snack basket including his beloved treats, along with some new ones for him to sample. This is perfect for his binge watching in the holiday break. 



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It's a thoughtful present for the husband who travels for work and enjoys outdoor adventures. While he's out and about, a durable power bank will ensure that his phone stays charged. 

Nintendo Switch

nintendo switch

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You won't find a more popular choice than this portable gaming console—it's perfect for any man who enjoys blowing off steam with a game. The fact that it has two remote controls means that you may join him for a game, making it a present for you as well. It's like hitting two birds with one stone!

Father Pencil Drawing

father pencil drawing

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A father pencil drawing is one of the best gifts for your husband. It’s the kind of gift that can be a cherished heirloom of your family and a unique addition to your home decor. 

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