7 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Children Grieving Grandparent's Loss

7 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Children Grieving Grandparent's Loss
7 Thoughtful Sympathy Gifts for Children Grieving Grandparent's Loss

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Losing a loved one is challenging, especially for children who may not fully grasp the concept of death. When it's a grandparent they've lost, the void can seem even larger. This article presents seven thoughtful sympathy gifts that can provide comfort and aid in the healing process for children grieving their grandparent's loss.

These specially selected items from Memorialize Art are designed to keep cherished memories alive, providing tangible reminders of the love and wisdom that grandparents often impart. From personalized keepsakes to expressive artwork, each gift serves as a beacon of hope and remembrance during a difficult time.

Paintings for Grandpa

Paintings For Grandpa

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Art has a unique way of expressing emotions, memories, and connections. A thoughtful gift that can help children remember their beloved grandpa is a custom painting. This can be a painting of Grandpa, capturing his smile, the twinkle in his eyes, or his favorite hat. 

Alternatively, it could be a painting of something he loved - perhaps a favorite fishing spot, a treasured garden, or a hobby he was passionate about. A painting can serve as a beautiful reminder of Grandpa, providing a sense of comfort, peace, and connection.

Paintings for Grandparents

Paintings For Grandparents

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Similarly, paintings also make excellent gifts for grandparents. They can be portraits of the grandchildren, capturing their growth and changes over time. They could also be paintings of family gatherings, special moments, or shared experiences.

These paintings for grandparents can evoke the warmth of family ties the joy of shared moments, and create lasting memories that grandparents can cherish.

Pastel Portraits

Acrylic Portraits

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Acrylic portraits offer a unique and beautiful way to remember a loved one. The softness of pastel colors can capture the gentleness and warmth of a person's character in a unique way. These portraits can be of the grandparent, or they can depict a memorable moment between the grandparent and grandchild - perhaps a shared laugh, a hug, or a special celebration.

Family Photo Canvas

Family Photo Canvas
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Family photo canvases are a wonderful way to commemorate a grandparent's life. These canvases feature a collage of family photos, displaying the joyous moments spent together. Similarly, it could be a single, special image - perhaps a cherished group photo from a family holiday or a candid shot capturing a shared laugh. This gift is a lovely reminder of the grandparent's love for their family and can be treasured for years to come.

Minimalist Faceless Portraits

Minimalist Faceless Portraits

Minimalist faceless portraits are a modern and stylish way to remember a loved one. These portraits feature the outline of the person but without the facial details. The style emphasizes the person's essence and personality rather than their physical appearance. It also can be a unique and meaningful gift, especially for children who may find comfort and connection in this abstract representation of their grandparents.

Memorial Charcoal Painting

A memorial charcoal painting is a beautiful and poignant gift idea. Charcoal, with its deep, rich tones, captures the emotion of sorrow and loss in a powerful, tangible way. Whether it's a portrait of the grandparent or a depiction of a cherished memory, a charcoal painting can provide a meaningful tribute to a loved one's life.

Memory Books

Memory books are a thoughtful and personal gift for children grieving the loss of a grandparent. These books can contain photos, stories, and mementos that celebrate the grandparent's life. It could include letters, recipes, quotes, or anecdotes that capture their personality and spirit. 

The process of creating a memory book can also be therapeutic, providing a space for children to express their feelings, remember their grandparents in a positive light, and feel a continuing connection with them.

How to Comfort Grieving Children

Losing a loved one is a challenging process for anyone, especially for children. They may feel a whirlwind of emotions and struggle to make sense of their loss. Here are some strategies that may help comfort grieving children:

Acknowledge Their Feelings

Recognize the child's pain and validate their feelings. It's crucial to let them know that it's perfectly normal to feel upset, confused, or even angry when someone they love passes away. Avoid saying things like "Don't cry" or "Be strong." Instead, tell them it's okay to feel and express their sadness.

Encourage Expression of Emotions

Give children an outlet to express their feelings. Encourage them to talk about their emotions and share their memories of the loved one. They might also find it easier to express themselves through creative activities like drawing, painting, or writing a story.

Listen With Empathy

Be there for them, not just physically but emotionally as well. When they open up about their feelings, they listen actively without interrupting or judging. Show empathy and validate their emotions by saying things like "I can see that you're really sad" or "It must be tough for you."

Maintain Regular Routines

Keeping daily routines can provide a sense of normalcy and security during this turbulent time. Ensure they continue with their schoolwork, chores, and other regular activities. This doesn't mean they should ignore their feelings, but that life continues even amidst the grief.

Offer Reassurance

Children often have many fears and uncertainties following the death of a loved one. Reassure them that it's normal to grieve and that, with time, the intensity of their sadness will lessen. Also, ensure them that they are in no way responsible for their loved one's passing.

Provide Comforting Items

Consider giving the child a comforting item like a memory book filled with photos and stories of the deceased, a photo canvas, or a portrait. These items can provide tangible connections to their loved ones and serve as a source of comfort.

Keep Memories Alive with Memorialize Art

Memories are a powerful source of comfort during times of grief. Memorabilia art from Memorialize Art, such as custom paintings, faceless portraits, or photo canvases, can serve as gentle reminders of the love and connection shared with the departed loved one. 

They can be sources of solace and healing for grieving children. Consider investing in these meaningful pieces of art to help your children navigate the grieving process and keep their loved one's memory alive.


What do grieving kids want you to know?

Grieving children often want adults to understand that they have their own ways of processing loss. They may not always express their feelings verbally and may use play, art, or other activities to cope. They want reassurance that it's okay to feel a range of emotions and that they're not alone in their grief. Also, they appreciate patience and understanding as they navigate through this challenging time.

What do you say to a child who lost a grandparent?

When a child loses a grandparent, it's important to speak with honesty, empathy, and reassurance. Acknowledge their pain and let them know it's okay to feel sad. You might say things like, "I know you miss your grandpa/grandma a lot," or "It's okay to feel upset about this." Encourage them to share their feelings and memories about their grandparent.

How do you comfort a child who lost a loved one?

Comforting a grieving child involves acknowledgment of their feelings, encouragement to express their emotions, active listening, maintaining regular routines, offering reassurance, providing comforting items like memorial art, and seeking professional help if necessary. Remember to be patient, understanding, and supportive, as every child grieves differently.