8 Thanksgiving Traditions That Will Make Your Holiday Memorable

8 Thanksgiving Traditions That Will Make Your Holiday Memorable

Thanksgiving is celebrated mainly in the United States, Canada, and other countries worldwide. This holiday season is the perfect time to give thanks, spend time with the entire family, and honor a beautiful tradition.

From late afternoon dinners to playing a game of football, thanksgiving traditions fosters warmth, togetherness, and a sense of gratitude. 

History of Thanksgiving Traditions

A family celebrating Thanksgiving dinner together
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American Thanksgiving celebrations started when indigenous people held events to express gratitude to the earth for an abundant harvest. Throughout history, several presidents, including George Washington, have declared national days of Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving traditions continued to develop throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, absorbing new traditions for families. Traditional foods symbolized abundance, with roasted turkey, green beans, and sweet potato casserole as the heart of Thanksgiving family traditions.

Popular Thanksgiving Traditions

Many people look forward to these annual traditions with great anticipation. These simple yet meaningful Thanksgiving traditions help people feel grateful and remind them of all the good things in their lives.

Gift Exchange

Watercolor Memorial Portrait
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Giving a couple of gifts to your family is considered sharing the blessings you are thankful for. Like a watercolor family portrait, gifts for family members may also express gratitude for their support and contributions to your success. A grandparents' watercolor painting may also start a conversation about a family story and your grandparents' previous Thanksgiving.

Playing Games For Families

Games for families add a fun and entertaining addition to Thanksgiving gatherings. Board games and card games are family favorites that get everyone involved. Other fun games involving strategic thinking and teamwork may also serve as a bonding time while waiting for the family meal.

Having Fun Activities That Kids Enjoy

As the adults do their part in Thanksgiving preparation, kids can participate in a scavenger hunt, watch a holiday movie, or make decorations for the celebrations. Activity kits like an apple turkey craft, fun gingerbread turkey decorating kits, or an activity tablecloth keep them occupied while the adults are busy.

Family Gathering at The Dinner Table

Sharing a delicious meal as a family is a beautiful way to share the harvest feast and appreciate the blessings everyone received. Family members can engage in meaningful conversation during mealtime and discuss everyone's favorite family experiences.

Having Family Breakfast Together

Family breakfasts also allow the entire family to gather and prepare for the day's festivities together. It sets the tone for the day, allowing family members to come together and plan whether everyone will watch marching bands, play flag football, or join the community's turkey trot.

Acts of Giving Back

Giving back is an extension of being thankful because it lets us share what we have with others who may not have as much. It may not always be about giving money. Sometimes, simply volunteering at a food bank or distributing meal kits already cultivates a sense of compassion toward other people.

Thanksgiving Walk

You may be wondering what a Thanksgiving walk is and why families do it. Families consider it a post-dinner activity to burn the calories from dinner meals. Aside from that, it allows families to appreciate the beauty of nature during this special celebration.

Getting a Family Photo

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A Thanksgiving family picture shows how close family members are and how much they love each other. It lets people look back at past Thanksgiving celebrations and see how their families have changed, whether in photo albums or family oil paintings. Everyone can see how the kids grew up, and the family grew as new babies were born or people got married.

Tips for Keeping Thanksgiving Traditions Alive

In a world that constantly changes, Thanksgiving traditions give a sense of stability and continuity. They provide an escape from daily life and a chance to reconnect with family.

Keep The Family Tradition

Family Thanksgiving traditions are a way to pass on beliefs, stories, and memories to the next generation. These activities teach younger family members how important it is to be thankful, be kind, and stick together. By keeping and passing on these family customs, you leave a legacy that future family members can be proud of.

Preserve Classic Recipes

Traditional recipes are treasured keepsakes that bring back fond memories. They bring up good memories of prior celebrations and let us remember those no longer with us. It also allows you to teach younger family members how to make these dishes and pass on family practices.

Involve Kids in a Gratitude Activity

Kids can learn empathy and perspective through gratitude activities that teach them to be thankful. These activities may include making a gratitude jar, games, or a thankful tree they can share during the family's quality time. It helps them think about more than just themselves as they appreciate the help and kindness they get from family, friends, and the community.

Involve Your Extended Family

Including more people in your Thanksgiving rituals gives a sense of community and belonging. It shows how important family ties are and reminds us that family is integral to our lives. The more people in a family who take part in Thanksgiving rituals, the more joy and fun there is for everyone.

Make Your Thanksgiving Photos More Memorable With a Portrait

Portraits will help you remember and tell stories about your Thanksgiving events as the years go by. Whether it's an oil painting, watercolor, charcoal, or pencil sketch, a portrait from Memorialize Art lets you have a keepsake that will last forever. It will serve as a tangible symbol of the love, appreciation, and gratitude you share in your family.